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I wanna make this short and quick. I believe there was 0 thought put into having feeding and breeding back to back. It was actually quite ridiculous because both were food events thus requiring in my opinion for players to reach for their credit card more often. Suggestion you put a PvP between events that require resources such as food and lumber.


Well actually fort, feed and breed all use food. Was a pretty stupid sequence.


Any event not using food at all?
(Keep remembering out of food during PvP…)


Only think I can think of is for Atlas events if you had shards stockpiled for crafting, or if you already had all the glory you needed to train riders… you would need food to fly dragons for the gold though if you were going to train a primarch…


Couldn’t agree more I feel as if the effort to make the game GREAT AGAIN has been lost on what I see as essential greed nothing more yet their responses are always we care blah blah blah when truth is pg could care less how many people quit playing as long as big diamond teams keep that plastic swiping. They call the game free to play when truth is it’s free but you’ll struggle so hard and not get anywhere unless you spend spend spend. :joy::joy: keep in mind though I do spend but seriously guys 3 rss events back to back is not only ridiculous but aggravates most of your players and as of late I have seen more and more people quitting.


Dunno why u start your topic about credit cards. Our team managed to fill the bank between feeding and breeding, you just need work harder or join a team where everyone grind rss😏
Sometimes i think lot of players are more complaining in forums than actually play the game🙄


Lol Obi my first post ever my friend so that’s not true for me and I still stand my ground. However I did notice you didn’t post shad league you’re in so I’ll assume diamond right?


:joy: Don’t think you can count food for flying… :joy:


Yep. However, it’s quite often that we asked for food during PvP, since most of us were busy flying…

Also, sometimes I’m out of timers during feeding as well.


We filled 170M food into our banks between events 🤷


My wallet is small so no Diamonds for me😂 Sapphire but bank managment doesnt really matter the league. You either work fill or not😑


Same as pretty much every other feeding event… There’s not really any better sequence to put it in, the main issue is simply that the feeding event is stupid and should be removed/replaced entirely,


If it caused players to spend money, there was at least 1 thought put into it.:man_shrugging:


My plat team managed to fill up our bank between events too :man_shrugging:. And no one has really been needing food from the bank anyway, they can raid what they need in the 20 minutes a transfer would take anyway.

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