Resource trading depot

I have a thought and I wanted to see what the community thinks. @PGCrisis
I would like to see PG add a resource trader. This could be a building on your starting island ot just an icon to click. But it would allow players to trade unwanted resources for the one they want. So you could trade food for wood or the opposite. It could be done for a nominal fee of 10 rubies to call for a trade at some random ratio of trade. Like 5 wood for 1 food or maybe 5 food for 10 wood. And of course the rate would randomly change each time you call for a trade. And I am sure it could also fluctuate for feeding and building events. Sounds like a solid idea what does the community think?

This has been suggested before. I don’t know to link. I’m sorry but hit the hyperlink and check it out. I recommend you use the search function before posting. I think there is a few on this check them out :smiley:

This has been suggested many times and given the normal LG response “We will consider it.” Is the exact phrase I believe and it hasn’t happened yet. Also I am bad at linking but there was a good one not that long ago about a beaver dragon that would do this. The search function should be your best friend

To be honest, if no regular game features will be added, like say weekly events not tied to seasonal dragons which earn you tokens and such, then I’d rather them just focus on balancing and getting Atlas out to the rest of the game. Without atlas or some other dynamic added to the game, this game is getting very stale. I’ve had to pick up SimCity just to cope with being bored on this game…so far it’s made this game more tolerable.

My guess is the system hasn’t been ready for it yet. I’m sure once the security is strong enough to prevent cheating, it will be made.

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