Resource transfers

We should be able to see how much resources (lumber & food) our teammates have. This would avoid useless transfers! I can’t tell you how many times a teammate dumps food or wood to me to hold and I am full! It is a complete waste of resources when this happens! If teammates could see how much another teammate has they could choose someone else to dump to!

They can’t ask you?
You can’t see it coming and transfer back/somewhere else?
Lots of ways to mitigate this problem to be honest.

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Not if I’m offline

Then tell your team not to be dumb and dump to someone who is offline :man_shrugging:

Communication is always a huge thing in these games. Say hi when you come online. Say goodbye when you leave. Ping someone when you send them RSS and they didn’t specifically ask for it so they know its coming. etc


Attack them.
Or look at the attack window.
If the target’s level is not too low, it’s possible to have a rough estimate on this…

This is the answer. And as Mech stated afterwards, they should be online. How can one be certain the resources will be used if the player is offline


Unless it is fortification or feeding, most players are fairly full on rss. So much gets wasted.

Sometimes it is fun to have the team dump 2-3M lumber on a level 100 just to mess with them. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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I don’t understand this overwhelming desire to dump resources.

“It makes me a target”.

“I’d rather a teammate have it”.

Etc etc

What do you lose by being attacked? Nothing except resources.

If a teammate wanted it or needed it, they’d ask for it.

And by making yourself “not a target”, you made your teammate a target :man_facepalming:

I personally love when players attack me, I get to see how shitty my base is and strive to make it better. I don’t give max xp to the people that do attack me, so they must be attacking me for resources or because I hurt their feelings on the forums somehow :man_shrugging:



Egg missions though :man_shrugging: gotta clear that space.

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Yeah, 50k or so, that’s chump change.

But I’m lazy, so I hit “max.” I agree though. Except I will say with having atlas now I like to keep food low, luckily there’s always someone that wants it.

For this it really does not matter. If you want to see if it can go to use ask in TC. If no one answers dump wherever for that token mission.

Oh, that’s right…you have Atlas, therefore your opinion doesn’t matter :rofl: just kidding. I’m guilty of hitting max for a 50k token mission too though. But I’ve witnessed teammates constantly dumping resources every 20 minutes. Like, uh, wtf?!

I saw that as well in another team. Oddly the leaders. Did not make sense.

Haha I know, I’ve been avoiding you. I can safely agree with your posts before after you had atlas briefly. It’s way better if you have it. Xp bases and 1 hr timers in event rewards aside, it’s a lot more fun. The gold runs are a bit of a chore, since the base is so boring, but I mean that’s a first world problem. All xp bases end up boring anyways.

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I was kinda tongue in cheek with my comment, I wouldn’t just dump 500k lumber on someone to make room for 30k, but I’m also not going to sit there looking for a dump site for 30k wood during a not fort event when who cares :man_shrugging: if it’s not fort there is limitless wood out there.

But know your people, if someone doesn’t like the random wood, don’t give em the random wood.

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We have a bank which is opened regularly during fort.
Other than Fort, I used to send him extra rss…

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Was this a reply to me? Sorry it doesn’t say.

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