Resources and "protected"

I’d like to know why, when your storage is supposed to have a certain amount of resources “protected” who is it people are allowed to take ALL of your resources. I can leave 100k in my storage, it says 100k will be protected, and yet I come back to 0 resources. How can people build up there bases or dragons during events when it becomes nothing but everyone taking every last cent you have. If your going to say a certain amount of resources are protected, then I should come back to that much still in my storage.

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contact support with the following information:

  1. What time you log out
  2. What time you log in
  3. How many resource you remembered that time

I think most people just forget that they have sent their resources to their team mates or sent it to their Atlas’ bank or spent it on upgrades/training. but still, just to be safe, contact support. They can check the logs using the 3 information above.

Dont bother.

No resources are protected when you log out using a rss boost.

Aka can be raided down to 0

Known bug exists since resource boosts were introduced.

I found out that if you log in every hour (hard during sleep :rofl:) it will protect your storage as intended.

But farms can be raided if they are full.

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