Resources for flying better?


There are a lot of resources out there in the world wide web about base building, defense tactics, breeding, etc…

What do you guys recommend for learning to fly hunters better? There are a LOT of youtube videos, so please don’t just say “youtube”…I’m looking for specific videos that are being recommended.

I would love to SPECIFICALLY see how expert players are taking out short bases, with strong kill zones, and MULTIPLE defenders. Please share any videos or other resources that relate to this. Thank you.


@TheRedDelilah has some good videos on youtube. She also I believe has one on flying hunters specifically


My videos are old, but the basic strategy stands for how to fly hunters.


I’ll look through them…but did they cover:
-high level kill zones?
-multiple defenders?


They are literally just the basics, first steps, into how hunter strategy works. I haven’t made videos since Sapphire tier honestly. Haven’t been bothered


She does use Whalegnawer to kill bases way over his tier with little to no damage and my mouth is still gaping each time I see it :open_mouth:

I don’t know how you did that @TheRedDelilah it’s just incredible… :exploding_head:


I watch em i don’t why but I do


Hunters can’t simply be learned through videos, trust me

Go out and fly against bases that are impossible for you to take (but don’t 1 shot your dragon lol).
Go out and fly against defended bases that are very very difficult and above your typical rating.

The more you try to hone in on your efficiency, the better you become.

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