Resources/glory glitch?

I’ve been running into this issue regularly the last day or two. When I finish a flight (defeat an enemy) I’m not getting food/lumber and same thing with glory in atlas. And to clarify, when pertaining to atlas, YES I know that if the enemy is killed or your primarch is freed before completing flight that you’re not rewarded that particular amount of glory, but this is different…Anyone else experiencing this issue?

How do you know this is different?

Where are you attacking for glory?

At another teams castle. Both mine and their prims stay alive with the same amount of troops, which at that point i just attack again, which so far has always given me the glory and troops killed that I should have gotten in the first place. And when it happens while looting food and lumber, it will just have the same buffering icon in place of amount of food and lumber I should’ve gotten for rewards, which in this case can happen multiple attacks in a row. I wouldnt post it on here if I wasnt sure that it wasnt totally separate circumstances

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It may be an internet issue then, sometimes it takes a while for glory and resources to be granted because your internet is slow. If the error occurs for atlas, I would suggest hitting a different target since the one you hit before may actually be dead already.

Is it a reporting lag? Sometimes I leave the end battle with everything zero but food shows up or glory shows in battle reports? If it’s not that, then no I haven’t had that happen to me, and ticket time

It’s possible you are getting the lumber and food and the glory, but the game sometimes takes awhile to catch up so you may receive them after you have finished the attack and out of the screen at the end of the attack, so wait a minute or something and see if your troops go down, or your lumber and food goes up


Thank you everyone for the insights on the issue. As far as I am aware this was in fact tbe issue, it was just a response time glitch.