Resources lost in space

Been in back and forth conversation with Wei from game about resources lost. The provided answer in my opinion is unreasonable. I provided proof of resources lost by screenshots and it’s been 2 hours. The only answer I get is to continue to wait and hope the resources come through.

I am sorry that you do not feel that this interaction with support has been great. Can you please PM me about this, and I can try to do a little bit more digging?

I have a teammate transfer 150k wood, the chat said it was transferred, I also got the mail receive but the storage didnt increase.
but asking the support to fix this would cost more effort than go raiding for 150k wood and highly chance to result nothing like this. I already lost my trust in support and not willing to report much

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Based on my experience it does not seem CS has much knowledge of the game and just goes off scripts. They have even sent me information that was outdated and obsolete 8 months prior. Really the most clueless of any CS I have ever dealt with.

Best to just come to the forums as you did here. Seems to get better attention.

I will from here on out. Every experience I’ve had with CS in game was useless and a waste of time.

See, I’ve had the exact opposite experience, in roughly 95% of the cases where I’ve contacted support.

Might be a system delay which actually happens pretty often

Is this true?! I can’t believe…

I usually had good experience with Zendesk, but that tendency changed 2 months ago, and since then I had the feeling that they are anything, but professionals. Especially when it comes to lying.

And that may be where my experienced mostly lies since all my tickets have been in the past few months. They really do seem utterly clueless and out of touch. It seems as though there is a real communication breakdown between PG and them.

Perhaps start a new topic for this, lol. Sort of a branch-off from the current discussion. :t_rex:

Usually in cases like these, the base could have been raided at the same time the transfer happened. That’s what I’ve had happened on my own account.

I am sorry though for those in this thread who have felt they have not had great experiences with our support team. We are always working to improve and evaluate performance.


There would still be a letter noting the resources were received regardless of any attack.

These are the ss at the time the rss were sent and when the 1 transfer came through but the other 3 didn’t

I messaged CS promptly after and so did the teammate that didn’t get the resources. We both watched for a good hour and rss never came through. Even if they had why should we sit and wait for an hour for rss to possibly come through? Which in this case they never did. And what if they did 2 hours later and raided because we were not aware of them being delayed “2 hours”?

I completely understand. In some cases, this is true that waiting is necessary because there is a delay. In others, it could be they were raided at the same time the resources hit their account. This case does seem odd though. @Tseni, please check your PMs though. :slight_smile:

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