Resources not paying out after attacks


Is anyone else having issues with resources being claimed after an attack? I’ve must have lost 12k in food alone with my best dragons recovering for nothing


FlashingRed reported not getting resources when other people joined his attacks here. Are you flying solo or with teammate backup?


Bit of both. Mostly with allies as only Kinarra and Drude can solo the “bigger bases” that pay out 5-8k food an attack and I’m waiting on the next Breeding Event to breed Etzel and other top tier Blues


It took me 4 runs to complete an egg token mission to collect 6K Lumber. Each attack was over 10K Lumber. It ‘said’ that I received it, but the egg token mission was not completing…not until the 4th attack.


Did you hit a high enough base? I’ve done the same thing until I realized there’s a minimum base level


Yes, it was higher. My ‘min’ level is 56 for egg token missions and all bases were mid to high 80s or low 90s.


I’ve done this and not gotten any and then realized I was full already - it won’t collect that way and you have to spend whatever RSS is it to open space in storage. I’ve done that quite a few times actually…


It’s been like that for periods of time this evening. Most attacks there’s no pay out. Thought they had fixed it but then it started again.


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