Resources not received

So my guild members sent me resources but I did n9t receive them…?

Sometimes it glitches and takes a little longer than twenty minutes (either that, or the message just doesn’t show up, and in that case, I may be wrong). Wait a few minutes, maybe force close the app or check your internet connection.

Thanks for th advice, yeah I watch the resource transfer like a hawk, so it
was odd that all the other transfers happened seamlessly and then these
have yet to pop up, guess I’ll just have to email them directly, thanks
though :slightly_smiling_face:

No problem, good luck :+1:

please help me…I am trying from the beginning of the event to change 4000 rubies with 10gold chests…but always come amessege that tell me of error although I have over 5000 rubies…what shouldI do?

That’s an error that’s been happening a lot to other players, too. There’s a topic on it already. Send in a support ticket, perhaps, and find the existing topic for more advice.

I would email them directly, they are usually really good at responding
fairly quickly and help I g troubles shoot things

What is there email please?

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