Results period for Atlas season

There should be a “Results” period after the end of an Atlas season, just as there is at the conclusion of a regular season or event.

Currently, Glory Points can be earned until the end of the Atlas season. Obviously, those GP accumulate Badge Chests. When the Atlas Season ends, you can still open those chests to collect badges, BUT YOU CAN NO LONGER REDEEM THOSE BADGES!!! Frankly, this is total BS and should be addressed ASAP. You can even spend diamonds to open chests for badges you can’t use, WTF?

Couple this with the phantom chests that were showing as earned but unopened. Of course, they could not be opened because they were not real… The big problem is not just that players thought they had more chests than they did, but those phantom chests actually prevented access to the option of opening chests for diamonds.

So I ended the season with crap like this:

I tried to buy one chest to claim the prize, but phantom chests prevented doing so. The season ended a few minutes later and I was SOL. Of course, opening a support ticket resulted in the same response as almost all problems : The season is already over, but thank you for playing.

Getting no support from Support seems to be part for the course - but at least fix the issue by adding a Results period.


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