Resurrecting Dragons

For years and years, mods have been shutting down this very exact post I have written and now it has come to our attention that rainbow stones are happening! Just recently I had a post that wanted infinite krelos stones, poof, disappeared, deleted! Mods, Dare I say now you have no control over this topic and I hope you suffer the pain of not being able to copy paste the “asked many times” message. Ok, cutting all BS, here is another poll.

  • Bring old dragons back
  • I hate this feature! STOP PG

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-edit- : I want this feature only for krelos as short branches every season but I guess that isnt happening!

Edit: Dragon to be resurrected is Equestor, spell deets here:


I don’t think this poll will really solve anything. Those who have played the game for years and already seen or even have the dragons in question, may indeed hate this feature. However for people who are newer and never got the chance at an old dragon may very well rejoice at the idea of being able to get a dragon that has been given much praise in the past.

-Edit: Just as I predicted, the poll is very very close to 50/50 Which is why I first said that it likely won’t solve anything with 2 options.


Why would they rejoice about getting a dragon that is going to be very outdated in the current meta? None of those dragons in the list will be useful for anyone past gold tier.

My biggest issue with this whole thing was that after shooting down all suggestions for this feature for 5 years they suddenly decide to implement it with absolutely no input from the community. Of course new players are gonna love it; they’re the ones constantly barraging the forums with rainbow evolution stone requests. The people who have spent a long time collecting “exclusive” dragons are obviously going to be the ones upset.


Dont really care. Only 1 dragon listed would be viable at end game anyway. The rest are for fun dragons. I do love my thunderhorse though.

I felt special having certain dragons some can’t. I think this feature takes away the uniqueness and the special feeling of having a dragon:(


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evo stones to old drags wont happen they said, again lies :rofl:

I just want to make the forums a active place:(
But I won’t stop hahahahaha! You are stuck with me like ingame!

-edit- : adding an extraneous factor like that biases the poll:)


I’m fine with it. It’s okay to change your mind. I think this might work out okay for them, they please some set of people and if this replaces another branch they can get away with one less dragon’s worth of art, animation, coding, etc, each season. Maybe it frees them up to do a better job on the others, or to drop a concept that just isn’t working out or fix a bug or something.

If it doesn’t replace another branch, I don’t really get it. But not everything is for everybody.

TBH the portraits question may have changed my vote (1st choice: fomhar, 2nd: fomhar. 3rd? Fomhar) if I thought hard about it. I hope they don’t do exactly the original portraits, but it’s not a huge deal.

Well, I played since 2014 and have many seasonal divines. However I already thought that there will be no “Absolute Exclusive” things, even if they were advertised as “Exclusive” or “Season only”. So even if they revive dragons I already have, I will not complain. They’re still special to me anyways.


You make an awesome point!
They literally advertise “exclusive, this season only” … So what everything they say is subject to change?

If you read carefully, I think you’ll see they all say there are no current plans without absolutely shutting the door to future changes. Though they do also call the dragons limited time collector’s items, which sounds like a contradiction.

standard mods rainbow stone thingy:

What I really meant was: WD has collection game aspect, so exclusives will be resurrected at some point in future.

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Just don’t include portraits in the line and idgaf

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Wait rainbow is finally happening I thought it wouldn’t

great idea to bring dragons to those who knew the game later, I want Gig.


I am not too sure about mythics but It is very possible

those who already have these dragons can get the new stones


I don’t like it. I’ll be the first to tell you I would LOVE to fly fom, axie, neptus, or any of the other dragons I never got. But they’re a badge of honor from players who have been playing, and putting up with PG for all these years. I’m not a big fan of devaluing there former achievements. This also smells like a huge money grab and doesn’t sit well with me :frowning:


I agree but would like to be able to actually use my older dragons (i didn’t get all the ego stones for them I know I was stupid)

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