Resurrection Branch Suggestion

So one of my friends had this idea correlating to the resurrection branch. Since she had explained it herself, I feel no need to explain it here. Just take a look at the screenshots provided below:

  • I agree to this.
  • I disagree to this.
  • I am mutual, and/or unsure about this.

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Poll provided because they insisted on a community agreement. IGN scribbled out because she does not want herself exposed to forum-readers who may find her and attack her, leading to the farming of her entire team. Please keep all responses polite. Any impolite responses will be flagged. Thank you.

That’s support boilerplate for almost any suggestion they get.

Not that suggesting and demonstrating consensus on the forum isn’t a good idea and occasionally even results in real change.


I am more for different variations of old dragons being put into the game than just old dragon new numbers.

Change the mechanics slightly and I am far less resistant to the resurrection idea


They’ve already mentioned on stream that they’ll monitor how these dragons do and may tweak them to be more viable in the current meta. :slight_smile:


If they change the dragon’s spellkit then they’re really not the same dragon, it’s just a new seasonal divine with a recycled look. Seems a bit lazy to let PG do that but it’s a nice little moneygrab for them.


Genuinely tweak them and make them viable. Change skill sets and do what they did with kinarrus back in the day and I am ALL for resurrection.

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What did they do with kinarrus? I didn’t play back then :eyes:

New spells. Updated visuals. That season was one of updating old linage dragons, visually improving them and keeping the idea of the dragons kit’s in mind whilst just making them better.

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Ah, assumed you meant more of a ‘kinnarus had x spell set and they tweaked it into y’ rather than just an upgrade of kinnara.

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i do not think they will add mythics in this mix just saying think of all the folks whom be pissed!


I would much prefer remakes than evolving an old dragon.

Equestor for example i use for temple raid events sometimes. If I evolved him to Eldritch he would no longer have any purpose.

A remake with a tweaked spell kit would be way more appealing.


This, I totally agree with. I have liked their idea of remaking Hau and Noctua (I only got Hauhezen, tried for Noctarn, but failed). I know that’s not what you meant tho. But yeah, I understand.


All i want is a Verdant Stone for the coolest funny badass and strongest Hunter the PG has ever created, King Narlyth.
Even the Lore is great.
I’m not ready to say goodbye and I probably never will be :cry:

i agree narlyth is a living legend !!! the best dragon they have ever created!!! please give some stone to narlyth!!! :D.


That’ll just make people angry.
Like take Ronin and Pathox that defeats the purpose of their mythic status. They were fun to use during their times by the signs of it Pathox was too OP before it was nerfed because of its cloak and freeze spell being too Overpowered like Surt but Surt was worse especially since it came the season after Pathox was released.

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