Resurrection dragón new season?

What new dragón Resurrección?


We will probably find out in 3 weeks or so…


Probably Krelos would be nice :innocent::innocent:

(coz I don’t have him)

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There is no need to ride a dead horse. Leave the old designs, where they belong - the pixel graveyards of WD


I want pathox :muscle:. @xJustADwarfx :eyes:

Probably a hunter resurrection…

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We’ll probably find out tomorrow which pointless dragon will be pointlessly brought back for people to pointlessly claim. It’ll probably be Fomhar though since he was 3rd place in the vote

Seriously, stop with the resurrection dragons, stop bringing back outdated dragons that cant do anything against current bases. If people want something that honors a dragon of the past then just design a new dragon that uses a similar theme/design as that veteran dragon. We’ve had several in the past like Kinnarus, Borgian, Noctarn and HauZ that were quite successful and well received and didnt function as a sigils trap baited with nostalgia


Use it for dungeons :joy:. Pathox was almost as broken as Namaka. I hope, I will never see those designs again

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Hater :joy:

Bring back Necryx. He will still kill bases way above his tier

Setup, not kill


Don’t think so anymore lol
64% hp barely oneshot a flak on the second bounce of phasma lightning which is 5-6 crippling chill in term of damage so 1 defender with hammer now will kill pathox if the scale of the spell isn’t changed

One ice flak and elemental barrier is gone and you’re dead. He was a god in his time bc ice flaks weren’t a thing.

Unless he’s changed I don’t see him being incredibly useful in the current setup of the game.


White spell (of Namaka) its derivatives on hunter/invoker or white freeze on warrior - Mr. Ice flak forced these spells on dragons otherwise no chance of survival

Next resurrection dragon could be Avyx since it was the 3rd behind Leo’s and Equestor

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Ice flak does that to lots of dragons but he has sand to stop that and a cloak to dodge the shot

I mean yeah if flown right Necryx can dodge IF SS

They said he was a setup drag back in the day also but yet he was dominant much better than Equester and Leos

I attack bases today with the ice flak setup around his lvl and have no problems winning

Bring back a good old Mystic Dragon this time, Give us Algor or better yet Skarr or Cort or Neptus or Gig.

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