Resurrection Spell Bug


Resurrection spell on aster is bugged. It is supposed to work multiple times after its cool down. But it’s not. Smetimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. Raised ticket with support, he says resurrection is supposed to work only once. When was this changed? if it is changed how can i use it multiple times on some attacks? Clearly the support is useless, now whom should i report this bug to?

Can We Finally Fix This Resurrection Bug!

O.o It’s definitely supposed to be multiple, and I’ve used it multiple times in the obnoxious “Use 6x” missions. The icon sometimes remains grayed out after the 15s cooldown, though.

@PGJared to see what he says.


resurrection can be used multiple times.
Once successful and revived you, it is locked for that whole battle.
If it fails, then you can cast it again until you revive yourself.

that’s what i know as far as what I know since its a hunter with resurrection and not a sorcerer.


I have successfully resurrected it multiple times per attack just now


Can you post a video? That spell should have a limit of 100, not 1.


I have als resurrected successfully several times in battle, with no problems on two diffeent dragons, iteru and vulcan


This is easy to repro, happens on most Aster runs. Its a game of luck if or when the spell becomes available to cast next


It is not 1, however after the timer resets it frequently greys out just becomes castable again at some random time in future


sometimes the bug occurs like this:

  • When resurrection is cooling down and you hit a blue mage, spell gets bugged.
  • Sometime the Steal Essence spell (usually stoneskin or some short of shields) will trigger the bug as well


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