Retaliation Attacks

I believe it would be a great addition to the game to show if an attack is a retaliation, this would prevent misunderstandings between dragon warriors.

my attack was a retaliation of hurtful words… will it show that in game?


How would it prevent misunderstandings? And more importantly, who cares whether an attack is a retaliation or not?

I think there would be a specific tick box for this


This sounds like a great way to start a never ending back and forth. You hit me so I hit you back so you hit me back so I hit you back etc.

A hits a hit. I’m not sure what this will add


I went up 36 levels this last event and hit alot of bases, I dont want to hit someone who is just retaliating against my attack… I was told that’s bad form…

Then… Don’t?


There really isn’t any need to retaliate now that the quests have changed. If someone is so precious about their base that they feel the need to retaliate against everyone who hits them, then I don’t know what to say about that other than wishing them the best of luck in their joyless life.


Let’s have a ping pong :ping_pong: match instead of war dragons

So… you don’t want to retaliate against someone retaliating against you?

I’m not sure what the issue is. It’s a war game. Being raided has a negligible impact. If you want to retaliate against someone by my books go for it. If they want to retaliate that’s fine too. And if the cycle continues then that’s how you guys want to spend resources. It’s not efficient and it slows down both sides progress but hey. It’s their game

I wouldn’t say it’s bad form to retaliate. Sure if you hit someone ten times you might raise eyebrows. But anyone who gets annoyed over one or two hits is just over reacting.

If these are atlas attacks this is a very different story due to politicS

I try not to revenge against a revenge, but honestly when I am searching for a base to hit I am looking for certain criteria and I rarely pay attention to or remember who exactly I hit. I TRY to hit at or above my level, rarely revenge unless I need the resources they raided and they happen to still be holding themand often when I look at a hit it is someone far enough below me I kind of feel like a bully hitting them back… So I just raid someone else :grin:


That’s pretty much my mo as well it was a debate in a chat group, made a suggestion to support they said post it here… seems to have entertained a few so it was worth it😉

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Actually not a bad suggestion, would like maybe a list of last 10 I hit or something… Just to know if they are revenging me or random hinting

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Especially when farming for food or lumber during breeding and fortification

not gonna lie… I sometimes retaliate when people attack me… it’s about the same level of enjoyment as stepping on a can. Satisfying the first few times as a kid. Gets boring pretty quick though


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