Retired... but not done!

We (forum users) talk about sandbagging teams and players fairly frequently. I really am not sure how much is sandbagging and how much is that higher leagues and in particular I’d think Diamond leagues, burn players out. Players needing a break from the competitive demands can’t really go to Sapphire, at least S1 or S2 that I can tell… these players tend to be incredibly active, with spending, level and possibly team organization being the biggest difference (opposed to in game time and activity). That leaves Platinum and even Gold 1 for players who do not want to give up the game, but need a slower pace… be it time, spending or both.

It’s WD version of an aging demographic and imo we are now going through the “baby boomer” stage of competitive retirement and how that changes the economy, environment and game play. From my personal perspective players looking to get into the competitive side of WD are not meeting the demand within teams of players leaving the competitive side of the game… but that is another discussion.

All level of players are dropping down into the lower leagues and influencing how the game is played at that level. When I started Gold seemed to be a starter league and lower Platinum for the teams that stuck through the early stages and growing pains. Now these “starter” leagues are literally littered with high level players and this is changing the dynamics in ways that the current league system does not seem designed for (based on my interpretation of forum posts). In many cases it appears to be influencing new players experience and not necessarily in a good way, despite all the knowledge these players bring.

Time will tell if the large influx of experienced players in these “starter” leagues will ultimately have a positive influence or if perhaps a “retired” league or other change(s) may be in order.

I’ve played in Sapphire long enough that I am really no longer familiar with what happens in lower leagues and have never been in Diamond, but as demands become greater and I am struggling with what I want my gaming experience to be, it has me thinking about these things…


What would be your solution? I don’t think we can prohibit to a player to join certain team. It is a personal and particular decision.

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True. The “retired” player would quit completely if they aren’t allowed their down time.

Dropping down is actually quite a bit of work. Just saying.

Only if they do it the way you did it :smirk:

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I’m wondering about a retired league… maybe an off shoot of Sapphire, players who wish to play casually but have certainly earned the rewards that sapphire prizing brings might draw like minded players together and out of the lower leagues… of course the question has yet to be answered “is there an issue with these high level players in lower leagues”.

I just ordered some CBD oil and am prepared to sleep like a baby starting Wednesday night. No more having 20 hours to kill.

And not the wake up every two hours crying “sleep like a baby” either.


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I’d be all for it but the trouble with that is the competitive spirit (or maybe addiction). I and two others couldn’t help ourselves and cleared the last temple raid by ourselves. This was in a “respite” team. Supercharge bonus really helped.


I’m filling a prescription for Lunestra right this moment. Go see a doc if your oil doesn’t work. :rose:

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Maybe making a D3, S4, P5, etc. Well not really. im just killing time ATM.

That’s awesome lol, but easily controlled by capping the max prizes. Non competitive means just that, cap the prizes at the last team prize or one tier above team prize max.

Well, the biggest issue that has been brought up is how these players impact wars. But as Flak points out, even if “vacationing”, many of these bigger players can’t quite relax and have more resources then the average bear in Gold/Plat which tends to impact PvPs as well.

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It isn’t that bad a experienced player in a lower league, my experience is showing me short bases from players below lvl 55 in my gold team :muscle:
Maybe it also depends who is the teacher ,:grimacing::sweat_smile:

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But I do have to say it can be very annoying for the players below lvl 50 in gold3 when teams show with several 150 + up to 300


A lot of players have alts in the gold league.

I’ve been on newly-formed teams twice now, and I’ve got to agree that if it was a concern before, it’s a genuine problem now. In great part due to the sharp divide.

A Bronze, Silver, or even low Gold team might have fewer than 25 active players, all below level 100; a high Gold team might have 40-50 active players, including a dozen or more in the 250-500 range. Even in low Plat, it’s pretty standard to see teams with a handful of people who are 200 levels higher than the rest of the team - or indeed, 200 levels higher than the league average.

This tends to throw every aspect of competition off. Wars? It’s been discussed in detail how even one high-level player can completely throw off the balance of a war, especially in lower leagues. Events? Take a look at the high-scoring vs. low-scoring teams in an event - even in Plat - and it’s not uncommon to see that a single player on a leading team outscores an entire low-scoring team.

I see teams that are desperate to refill their numbers, to the point where standards for acceptance are dropping sharply. I see plenty of Sapphire players who wouldn’t have been impressive in Plat, and Plat - and even Sapphire - teams that are taking on players below level 100 to fill their ranks.

New player retention is, frankly, crap, because the bottom leagues are jammed with inactives, and the new lower leagues, like Gold, are full of opponents that are several orders of magnitude beyond them.

I just don’t know that there’s a good solution. It’s absolutely the sort of mess that needs to be fixed, but I don’t see one that doesn’t screw over someone.

Retirement league(s)? If the rewards are better than in normal leagues that’s not fair to those in normal leagues, and if they’re worse people will just go to normal leagues. Not to mention the question of if/how you force people into that/those league(s). You’d have to force people into it if they moved down any league, and make the rewards no higher than Gold.

Level requirements? That forces players to leave their teams if players grow at different rates, and prevents people from sticking around and helping their friends. You’d have to set pretty broad level brackets, and even then you’d have a case of “I recruited my friend to this game, but he can’t join my team and I can’t help him for another two years.”

Improve reward scaling? Sure, it’d draw some people up to the higher leagues, but it wouldn’t stop the people who wanted a reprieve from the fast-paced environment of the higher leagues, the people who wanted to stay with their friends, or just the SOBs who take pleasure in picking on those who can’t fight back.

There may be a problem, but what the hell do we - or rather PG - do to fix it?


The solution is to have the EVENT PRIZES SCALE WITH YOUR PERSONAL LEVEL, not your team’s tier… and of course give bonus to achieving more within your tier… If that were the case a lot of people would float down into the lower tiers to “retire” so to speak.

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I’m not sure I’m entirely following this. Wouldn’t this encourage more sandbagging, not less?


Suppose teams are divided up by level that would prevent a few from carrying many. Then what do you do about leagues? Would there be enough of these teams to have the level cutoff teams in the variant sub leagues? By name

Like angry friggs has plat 3 consisting of lvl 70-200 while angry hookas plat 3 has teams 201 to 300 or whatever.

Not sure the answer but I understand the concern.

How can we let friends play together if we segregate levels?


Hah, just realized all the big, retiring folk floating down is a way to bring the Atlas experience to the rest of the leagues - get folks accustomed to being beaten on by bigger, badder players, and when they are finally granted access, no more complaining …