Retired hardware

Anyone else lose access to Atlas this week because iPhone 6 is no longer supported?

I’m on 6s with no issues…

6s+ Running smoothly

Personally, I think its totally reasonable to not support a phone that came out 6 years ago… Things were a lot different back then.

Heck I’m on iPhone 8 and out of contract with a carrier begging me to to upgrade.

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Has it been that long? Wow time does fly!

I found this chart mildly arousing…

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Guess I better start planning for a new phone next year…

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that is personally not what I felt about this chart


Diffrnt strokes for diffrnt folks!

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ITV is oddly satisfying although it doesn’t soothe my Atlas ejection. :cry:

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It’s coming. Caught me off guard

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Just got my wife a new one. Sigh

Bro I got a spare 5S it still works on it, should still work on a 6




:joy: :joy::joy::joy::joy:

Uninstalled and then reinstalled and all is well again

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