Return of the Discount Rider?


I was curious to hear from everyone how you all would feel about bringing back the discounted rider ? As i have been hearing from alot of players that they miss that.

Would mean a complete redo of the just-redone and much-improved season structure. Don’t see that happening.


As nice as cheap riders were, the primary need for them was that the majority of the rider’s line was made up of their crappy rider gear. Now that that has been replaced with very useful crafting shards I dont really see a need. The new riders are also significantly better. Before the restructure the seasonal riders were decent but atlas riders were better. Now the new riders are on par with or arguably better than most atlas riders. Often the riders are the best legendary lines to get in a season. The only reason I got Chel over Ano this season was that I desperately needed rune dust and was in need of a platinum dragon for Assault (if that event ever comes back), otherwise this would have been my 3rd season in a row of getting just the discount and 2 riders

The only issue I have with the current rider lines is that we’re forced to claim the crafting scrolls and they removed all black pearls. Make the scrolls an optional pic with the other options of Rune Dust or Black Pearls and the lines would be close to perfect


Might as well ask PG to give us a discount coupon that we can apply to one branch of choice.


Ok! :crazy_face:

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That is a very good idea. Limiting the coupon to the first two weeks would also stop us for going for more prestigious lines like the festive. What do u guys think?

It would be great if we could choose any one of the main lines (from among the lines that lead to a key). Some people have asked for a discount base boost, some want a discount rider, it would be nice to pick the class of discount dragon, if you are going for a dragon…


It’d be nice if they ditched the discount dragon altogether and gave us a two week discount on the line of our choice redeemable at any time during the season.

It’ll never happen, but :man_shrugging:


I like this part.

I hate this part.

Seasons are easy enough as is. But more choice is always good.

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I like that. A lot. It would be wonderful to be able to choose which of the keyed lines get that 2 week discount. I know the players on my team would love the freedom of going for what they want instead of feeling like they have to burn through the discount ASAP during those 2 weeks in order to get what they really want (base boost, rider, etc).

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Oh it would have been absolutely fantastic if someone would have thought of this and brought it to the attention of developers. It would obviously get shut down (as most things do), but at least they would have been aware of this along with many many other ways to implement discounting in seasons :slight_smile:


Well, I’m reading through the PG response to the Canwetalk thread…and yeah, I’m about to join you in real life land, cause I honestly can’t believe PG could be that obtuse…

You literally have handed them the answers, on a silver fricking platter, time after time Mech, yet they ignore you and/or dismiss it as absurd. The cost of this game has become absurd…sad to see you go, but damn, I really question why I’m still here.




Epic. Just epic.


Off topic… I’m just hoping you have an epic forum post drafted for the day the NDA expires and just drop bombs all over the place.

It would be epic :exploding_head:


I’m not sure it does expire :see_no_evil:

Then there was LX and Kroth saying they would never sign anything from PG again.

Mech just needs an anonymous confession site. Post using a VPN.

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I won’t be posting anything about confidential information.

If PG decides to reveal or credit players for anything, it is up to their discretion.


Never going to get another discount anything. PG isn’t listening.

Hello my name is Blue . I am new to the War Dragons game . I have only been playing this game for almost a month now and i am already a level 28 . Unfortunately i do not have any ryders for my dragons right now. I would love to be able to get some ryders for my dragons . So if you guys do bring back the ryders discount that would be wonderful .