Return Primarch upgrade Atlas event

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This was already discussed a few times, and PG had no intention to return the event (thankfully).


While I do think it was rather dumb to finally remove prime leveling right before they added in new primes to level, we already get prizes for putting the glory on the primes. It wouldn’t exactly make sense to get double rewarded for putting the glory on and then spending it. We also didn’t need G1 primes at all

They just need to reduce the leveling costs and time for all primes, especially G1


yeah but in mean time every lvl up costs me little over 5kin diamonds. they may not want to return it but they should atleast make it apart of glory event and lower the costs to train them.


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No thanks

They just need to drastically lower the cost of prims and be done with it :unamused:


No sheesh. Massively expensive per level in gold and timers for microscopic improvements. I’m fine with wanting to avoid imbalance with big improvements, but the costs are ridonkulous.


Im fine with that event wont happen again. Dont bring it ever back please. However its a bit funny PG told us that there wont be new Prims, but after the event was gone they made new prims xD


Yes it has been asked for many times with many logical ways to bring the event back and still PG basically said they will not even consider it.

To me the leveling event is the logical spot to drop prim training. Makes the most sense. Gear, riders, and prims all in one spot.

I personally have no riders to level for points and I dont throw crafting shards at crafting gear just to dismantle it so that i can score points. Other players dont have the shards to just craft for the sake of points. So adding prim leveling into the leveling event seemed like a no brainer to me.

It was presented to PG and shot down rather quickly…by many players too.

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This event needs to stay gone.


I truly enjoy the dynamics on the forums…those who feel something should be brought back or introduced into the game typically have very detailed ideas and are willing to discuss the pros and cons. While those against it just pop in say no and leave.

In the words of Michael Jordan, “If you accept the expectations of others, especially negative ones, then you never will change the outcome.”

I will gladly continue to push this with those who want to. The pros of the event coming back far outweigh the negative.
What I will say is this does not need to be an event on its own. There is no gain to adding it back in the same way it was before.
The most sense is to add it into the “Leveling event”, but it could also be added to the glory event since we almost always have atlas downtime during that event…and this would give players some points during the 24-hours glory cannot be gained.

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One would be the absolute massive cost of the new prims. 20m gold for a mid level x 50 players. Not many teams banks can handle that kind of a hit.

Then add on if your team takes a massive hit at a castle and players need gold to help revive and carry on defending.


a combined primarch levelling/feeding event would be useful

Uhh what do you mean by feeding?

used to have feeding event where you levelled your dragons and gained points for it…combined the feeding event with the primarch levelling event would be decent

They usually have very repetitive ideas identical to the ones brought up and argued a dozen times. At some point regulars don’t have the energy to keep explaining, so at that point you just get a “no” and can go dig into archives if you want to know why.


I was afraid you were going to say that. :rofl: That went away for various reasons too, and I would hate to see it back. That event was such a drag.


It would be literally the worst event they could possibly make. No thanks.


Yes. (my short answer as someone who has argued this point many times).