Returning Player, Has there been any improvements to early/mid game?

Hey, I am a returning a player from over a year ago, and i want to know if there has been any improvements to the early or mid level play for this game? Stuff like buffing older breeding dragons so its not a chore to plow through the breeding tiers, or buffs to old towers so they are worth getting? Has there been any development on early to mid game play? New content for early level players in general? I say early to mid levels, but i don’t know what the max level in the game is currently, so i assume mid level is around 400?

And if not, how easy/long would it be for a f2p player to get to a point in the game where they can access most of the new content?

Current end tier requires level 560 so somewhere around there you can probably access most of the new content

Other than that maybe champion riders, ascension and a couple electrum towers have been added in the year

Breeding is still a pain in my opinion but the instant breed feature is a life saver other than that it’s mostly been the same game

Up to empyrean (excluding red and purple) breeding is discounted by 90%, so up to there you get pretty quick (about 100 - 120k per tier for the most part). Next breeding event there should be a new tier which probably means its gonna be up to abyssal where its very cheap. Towers are also heavily discounted in time and rss needed up to lvl 85 which is about max empyrean. For which towers to build, generally the newer the better, especially if you dont have runes for the older towers.
Technically the max level is 999 but with how much exp that needs its going to be a long time until that is reached. Empyrean tier starts at 400 and abyssal, the next one, starts at 435.
Except for the high tier lineage dragons about all content comes from events and atlas which are available from very early on, but become much easier the higher level you get.
Atlas requirement now is somewhere in gold which you can reach after like a day of farming medals for wars and winning them from a freshly created team


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Starting with Artisan, there is at least one good lineage dragon per tier. Just got Quilleth on my alts, he’s good - will likely pass on the seasonal mythics (again). Some also liked Helminn in Arcanum, but I don’t have experience with him.


Helminn is beast!

I hated helminn, but I absolutely love quilleth lol

He is awesome too, I just love hunters and as I’ve got to later breeding tiers I think the dragons just get better ha!

My one grievance with helminn is his red spell is too short so it’s hard to get through long islands. Hate might be too strong of a word, but I like the variety of defensive options quilleth has better.

I like the newer dragons spells too, but I miss learning all of the different spell sets for each dragon when each tier had 9 dragons in it. Only having 4 per tier seems sort of boring now :man_shrugging:t4:

I can understand all your points. I like having less since they cost so much lol

Woah hol’ up. Invokers have FIVE spells now? Is this just PG saying “yeah we can’t design effective invokers anymore without copy pasting the first few we have made. The towers are too good against invokers, they need a WHOLE NOTHER SPELL to make up for it” ? Lol.

Anyway thanks for the comments, i just hope it won’t take too long for me to grind to high level. I still love the game and its the only one of its kind and play style, i just wish PG would stop focusing all of their resources on end game and start giving older content some love.

Yeah idk. Ren just randomly had 5 spells and no one really questioned it, so now all invokers have 5 spells :man_shrugging:t4:

Edit: all new invokers

Well, people did question it, PG just never bothered to provide a response about it

True, I know I definitely was confused. I’m still not sure why that decision was made. Perhaps we’ll never know…

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Was Ren any good though? I have her but I’m not so sure if she’s really good.


To be fair, one of their “spells” is basically there to offset the fact they only get 3 regular shots per 3 seconds (not counting reload spells here)