Returning troops to barracks (2nd try)

As has been asked for ad nauseam can we please just have a way to send troops back to our barracks and stop having to make our primarchs all rendezvous somewhere so one can do the fighter-a-roo?

And stop having finished troops go to a primarch if we happen to be on our home, and then have to do said figher-a-roo to fix it?

Suuuuuuper easy win here pg. All finished troops go to barracks, and sending troops from barracks also gets the addition of sending troops TO barracks.If this cuts into diamond sales, make more portraits and sell them. People will buy them.


I’d be happy even if it was just all finished troops go straight to barracks. I can see an issue with sending troops on a prim to barracks while being attacked and then the attack doesn’t count as you transferred troops off it. But there’s no reason to not send freshly made or revived troops always to the barracks.


Similar to (mostly) not being able to summon a different prim in the same slot while under attack, one should not be able to transfer troops off while under attack.


@PGGalileo With some of these recent changes happening, would the one discussed here be that difficult to implement?