Revamping the Enfeeble Feature

The time has come to reevaluate the Enfeeble function and I have to say that it is a feature not many use due to the restrictions and limitations on it.

How is it used?

You select 1 enemy player on your castle to debuff the enemy base to make it weak enough to clear it.

What is the problem?

  1. To get the most use out of the Enfeeble, you can’t use it during a full assault and works when there are only a very few amount of enemy prims.

  2. The cooldown. The cooldown is just too long and it makes using it in a frontal defense practically obsolete.

  3. Using it on snipers is absolutely useless. But in current implementations, that’s what it is best used for.

The changes I’d like to see.

  1. What I’d like to see changed is that it can have its full effects with several more prims on the castle for defensive purposes. I am not advocating for it to be unlimited, just for it to have it’s full effects while covering a few extra enemy prims.

  2. I’d also like to see a small reduction in the cooldown.


Enfeeble should be removed


This would reduce the effectiveness of teamwork and coordination.


It can help smaller teams counter being hit by bigger teams, so teamwork and communication can still be used to coordinate who hits it.

Woo, that’d be cool. :smirk: I can sandbag a plat team to destruction.

No, but really. Any alterations outside the basis should be removed.

Guards for troops.

All of the alliance system for a team’s true strength.

BD for accessibility.

Enfeeble for primarch stats. Fort buff too for that matter

Let the era of barbaric/brutal force begin. :grin:

There is NO sarcasm if one thought this had any.

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Bigger teams should never be able to hit (much) smaller teams or get crap glory/revives unless it’s 100% glory on a T4+ castle. I understand the problem, but enfeeble isn’t the solution. :blush:


Is exactly why I want it removed :full_moon_with_face::clown_face:


Bigger teams should be able to hit any team regardless of how crappy their gp ratio is going to be.

It’s the gp ratio that needs to be nerfed further, not the ability to hit them directly, imo.

Or just make atlas league based that resets every month or even week. -but this will have to also implement something to counter sandbagging. Though I’m not sure if it is sandbagging anymore as I hear pretty much all plat teams have 600+ these days.

Depending on which way is easier for PG to do it, I guess.

Evidently no change is the easiest for PG.


Agreed :100: because the 10 minute CD on enfeeble makes it practically useless for the said platinum team being sniped by let’s say a 600+, even if they manage to enfeeble and counter the attacking prim, the attacker is free to farm them for the next 8-9 minutes.

Which is exactly why I’d like a reduction of some kind in the cooldown. But even with a reduction, the sniper will still snipe, so the only change is that said platinum team can at least hit him back

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Fair enough, but this should not be applicable on teams of similar size…or on 100% land. A nerf in the primarch stats would be more helpful as @Aurik mentioned

Use it when they are first moving prims, doesn’t work every time but it will enfeeble them.

If you make it so that enfeeble has a much smaller CD it will become broken and make sniping damn near impossible. Once every 5+ runs is enough.


Since your comment is popular, why not give examples and elaborate the whys that Enfeeble should be removed?

Because it sucks to suck. You shouldn’t get a free out every 10 minutes. Fly better, faster, and harder. You will find you dont need enfeeble :slight_smile:

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I appreciate the reply :slightly_smiling_face: However I do have 1 thing to note;

This world you come from where levels and dragon tiers cease to go up, please let me join in! :door::man_running:

In all seriousness, this comment only works when you face off against equal opponents. So in a world where all you have is skill and speed, I would absolutely agree that Enfeeble would be useless. Unfortunately that is not this game.

This game has a very wide fluctuation of levels. Many Sapphire teams have levels ranging from 630+ to as low as 450+ and you may even have both extremes on the same team. It is unreasonable to have a full team of 630+ hitting a Sapphire team who have around 80% of their team be 520 - 600. That gap is also currently getting steadily bigger because it is getting harder and harder to find top level players who aren’t alts and are not semi retired. (We all see this)

If this game continues, and teams are forced to either disband or accept members far below their normal accept rate just because they need the activity, how can smalls expect to participate in defense except to join defense banners of those who actually are capable of defending?

I thought tweaking this feature would help that.

Since it seems like many want it removed, I simply would like to hear more thoughts on a solution.


I know many have tossed the idea of Atlas being broken into Atlas Leagues for better equal play, but currently Gold and Platinum already have players around level 40+ to 600+ all mixed throughout, and eventually Sapphire will be the next league to follow a type of that if things continue to go the way it is going. This is where I see enfeeble coming in.

The only solution I see is to enforce strict penalties for hitting down…poor revive rates/poor glory/nerf in primarch stats/ etc.


Let’s keep it civil within the forum CoC,and on topic.


Tbh why does it matter. If you can only use it once every 10 min the purpose is eliminate a target once every 10 min. It should be not be the sole reason a player is countered.