Revenge Attack Option in Atlas

Would like to see a revenge attack option in atlas

A few question? :thinking:

  1. How can you revenge if your prim (or your prim’s target) is dead?
  2. How can you revenge if both you and your target’s prim aren’t in the same location?

It will be interesting to see attacker castle location from such menu :joy:

And an instant teleport there (even not access castles :+1:) please while we are at it. :grin: :monkey:

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This, plus if they are at a team castle, protected by taunter plus you are trapped how are you going to attack them?
If they do not have any troops on their prime what difference will it make?

If this is a castle owned by your team and they are sniping your team your team can defend by trapping them, have taunters there and your team can find their team castles and stage a raid. That is how Atlas works.

A ‘view castle’ option or even just ‘your castle X’ note in the defence banner would be great!


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