Revenge attacks

When we do revenge attacks it should tell them that it was a revenge attack

Or just use ember and quit as soon as it loads 5x. Then you dont do damage and invite retaliation


Who actually care if it’s revenge or not. There are enough very fragile players who is getting offended even by 2sec ember attack, the banner won’t stop them from hammering you down and chasing for revenge again, they are as many as those who don’t care about revenge at all. I, for example, stopped revenging around lvl 100 only for the sake of revenge, too much to care about. In most cases it doesn’t pay out, considering time lost.

Anyway, there’re already to many banners of different colours pretty much confusing sometimes.


I’m glad we have so many different colours now. We used to have more confusing banners before. Less colours to recognise but it was hardly possible to distinguish a defence from an attack, an event or Atlas run, or a war run. We annoyed PG for months to get better banners but we got it at the end. The only confusing colour left is red for defend yourself and war run… But normally you would try to join any red banners especially defences so it’s not a big deal unless you need to defend yourself during a war wave :sweat_smile:

When I need to revenge I just use Ember and ask a friend or LC to attack me, so they know I’ll revenge just for quests… Unless it’s forti/feed and they stole hundreds of resources I spent an hour to farm and I’m pissed :triumph: lol

If they hit you first and you hit them back oh well that’s war especially if you get more resources from them which is way more they took from you

If it’s for the quests, I like to send a message before especially if the player is online. It has happened before they also have quests to do so it works out well for both ppl :heart_eyes:

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