Revenge quest's

Ok so how can I be expected to complete my revenge quest’s when the game only logs the last revenge?

Should I go ahead and basically farm players because the games broken?

Edit: less sarcastically and to the point- should we really have these new features that require us to use work arounds because they are based off old features that have been broken for at least a year?

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You can use a red-tier dragon, revenge that player, and immediately quit. It will count AFAIK. :t_rex:


Just repeat revenge against last attacker. Moreover, you don’t need to destroy 100% of base - it’s enough to attack.

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It’s like what hellraptor said; there are also offers to swap in LC or alt accounts not in the team.

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I always wonder what people think when I do the revenge attacks with my lvl 1 ember and quit as soon as the attack starts :joy:


The current issue is the last one is war, not giving away defense points for it.

I guess I could hit myself with an alt from elsewhere and revenge that over and over. But is this really the way this new game features mechanics should need to be worked out?

New features that work on old broken ones?

Ah, if the latest one is a war run, maybe you can hit up someone in your league chat, or even a private group chat if you are in any to attack you so you can do revenge attacks.

I get that I can work around it, maybe the OP was a little too sarcastic and not enough to the point.

New game features shouldn’t need to be worked around because they’re based on long broken features.

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Most of the team quests require workarounds. I got the attack 45 times with Warriors quest this time. Funny thing is…I don’t normally have warriors in my lineup. Now I have to spam Red warriors on gimicky bases or swap them in at the end of a raid to get the credit in a reasonable time exchange.

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Usually I ask friends from outside the team. Old mates or buddies on LC or comrades. Then revenge and quit (5x) They count.

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