Reverse Prize Claim in Season Branches

I think there should be an option to reverse prize claims in season branches.

While it is entirely on the player to tap with caution, sometimes the process doesn’t play out that way, especially if the player places no actual value into the branch’s primary content (e.g. a festive dragon) but into the contents of the branch itself (e.g. Draconic Chests), and they miss some of the secondary things that they covet most (e.g. gold chests) because they clicked a secondary item that they either don’t need much of or don’t care to have.

The reverse feature would only be usable three times, or one time per node, so players would have to ensure they would know what they would be intending to do when attempting to revert back; furthermore, previously claimed items would be eliminated from the account of the player in exchange for the newly claimed items.


This just happened to me today… loss 20 gold chests


This is a nice idea, but doesn’t work if you’ve already used the prizes :thinking: i.e you use all of the timers you claimed, do you then go into the negative the amount of timers being taken back when you undo the prize claim? I suppose it would have to be an immediate “refund and return”, so you click it and realize right away, and then get a refund, not you realize later and go “oh wait i want this instead” after you already used the prize.


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