Reverting troops to garrison from prims

I know this has been answered before, but I can’t find it.
How do you send troops from your prims back to the garrison?
I know summoning a different prim and re-summoning your prim will do it, but that’s 2 hours or more.
So, how do you do it?

You can’t. You can speed up one or both summons if you’re resummoning a smaller-capacity prim. You can transfer between two of your prims at the same castle. That’s all the current options.

e: Oh, you can transfer a total of 200 / day to a teammate’s primarch at the same castle.


With the amount of diamonds we get from prizes in atlas anymore spending 120 to quickly summon a fighter speeding it up and then resummoning whatever prime you wanted and speeding it up isnt a horrible cost.

Thanks for the replies.
You answered with the same things I’ve already discovered.
PG has a reverse function that doesn’t work. :man_facepalming: Why does that not surprise me? :joy:

Depending on prims there are sometimes ways to force troops back to the barracks but there are limits. You can pretty routinely empty one primarch but you will have at least one primarch full of troops by the end. If you have the slots you can do two

But it’ll cost you in timers

:roll_eyes: Quit the team before multi reset, and get back to the team after?
Move prim to NZ first

Well, that seems a bit extreme. Doesn’t it take 24 hours to get the team bonuses back?

I’m fairly sure you can summon one primarch on top of one that is already summoning so if you put most of your troops on one prim and then summon a fighter (NOT the bronze destroyer) and then resummon what the fighter had replaced you don’t waste too many timers (or diamonds… I use diamonds personally :eyes:).

Hopefully the fighter is only at the minimum level it needed to be to unlock the other prims. If it is, it had a max capacity of 14.4k troops, which isn’t too much to divvy up between the other prims if they’d been emptied down to 1 troop each.

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