Reviewing Bases

I would love to have a second set of eyes look over my base. I recently made new changes with the fortification frenzy, and i want to know how effective it is. The tower missing on my base is an ice flak that is currently updating. My IGN is GhostsOfSteel

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Here is what I would change. Overall, I think it’s a cool concept and I’m curious to know how it works out for you.

1st long island: Add a red mage to the front in the middle of the farms to protect them from death gaze and other spells.
Back part of learning island looks fine.

Lighthouse Island: I would move the red mage to the front center, the blue mage in front of the ice turret and the fire flak in front of the fire turret.

Statues Island: Move Red mage to the center front. Everything else looks good.

The only other general suggestion is maybe building your self a rage drain island on the Temple Island with level 1 mages, but that would require some more rearranging.

Hope that helps! Feel free to message me on here, in game or on Line (brybryasaurus)!

thanks so much for your help! i’ll start shifting things now

What do you guys think of my base? It went a lot in defense power during the fortification event. IGN: KingxQueenNyx

I will check it out when I get home from work. Sending you an in game message now to remind myself to check it out. :slight_smile:

Got it, thanks!

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Is this your base right now?

And this is your base

yes that is my base

It didn’t update in time for me. That isn’t what I saw. :joy:

I can re-look over it in a bit.

alright thanks dude

In all honesty, your base needs a lot of TLC, ghost. You need to decide on 5 towers for you main kill island, and start leveling them up. That is the most important thing right now. Layout can only make so much difference when your towers are weak. Your kill island is about 10 levels below where it should be, and your farms are at least 13 levels too low for the highest one.

I apologize if this is a bit blunt, but I really mean no offense. Please just take it as some friendly advice.

Edit: for the kill island towers, I would personally recommend leveling the Dark Flak, Fire Flak, Red Mage, Blue Mage, and Storm, if you have enough Embers to sustain two flaks at once.

Edit #2: I assume you likely used to have a much longer base and have a lot of towers in storage. Good job at starting to shorten your base, and please do not become to discouraged. Recovery is possible, as long as you are willing to stick to it.


ya i get it. thanks for the advice! ive got a lot of stuff to catch up on.

@KingxQueenNyx, Your base is off to a great start and looks similar to what I tell my team members around your level (your not too far behind me, honestly). Your lighthouse island is almost perfect. I would just swap your Fire Turret to where the blue mage is and put your dark flax where the fire turret was.

Your long island isn’t bad, I would just focus on the light house island as that is going to be your kill island. Don’t worry about leveling up anything but your farms/mills and kill island. The last thing that I would do is, create a rage drain island. You would put this at front of the long “Knowledge” island. Essentially it would be two red mage and three blue mage towers all level 1. You put it in the front because as soon as an attacker turns the corner they get shot and all their rage is gone. Don’t put it at the back because then they have time to fire spells or shots at your rage drain before the towers get a shot at going off. This is how it would look:


Hopefully that helps you out some. Great great great base though. Keep building strong, not long!

@DerangedSkrill your feedback may help as well on her other long island and if you have any other notes about what I’m saying. Your notes on Ghosts’ were spot on.

One small problem. I can’t build anymore level mages both red and blue due to the amount being capped by my level. So I used mages from my storage. Will those do fine?

You can build & store as many as you want. You can just only have five out of each at a time. I’ve got several in my storage because I made a lot of mistakes as a n00b low level player. My builder shows like 7/5 for blue, but I’ve only got five in play. But yes, you can use ones that are above level 1, it just may cause problems down the road because I believe dragons like Necryx can sand them when they’re higher levels and prevent the rage drain.

I think two of mine on my island are actually above level 1 for reasons I don’t remember.

Maybe not in the future, people probably won’t use Necryx in the future in like 15 seasons I think :joy:

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I don’t think this game is going to last that long :joy::sweat_smile: :t_rex:

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Lol you made me laugh raptor :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Question. How is your breeding progress?