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I see a lot of discussion on here about the relative merits of various dragons, but I wonder if anyone has tried bringing all of that information together in one place? Given the investment of time levelling a dragon to the point where it’s likely to get a run out as one of my ‘first choice’ dragons, it’d be useful to have a quick reference point as to whether it’s worth it. I also don’t want to waste runes on a dragon I’ll only use for a very short time, if at all.

I’m also just at the ‘branch’ point on the breeding guide - choosing the route to take to Platinum - but I have no reference point to decide which route I’d prefer. Which are the dragons I should be looking at to make my decision, and which ones are just stepping stones en route? Wading through all the stats and spells of all the dragons will just make my head hurt.

I’m thinking of just a simple rating system, e.g.

3 Stars - You will rely on this dragon for some time.
2 Stars - Solid performer, you might use it a bit if it suits your play-style and level.
1 Star - Level it far enough to breed, then retire.
0 Star - Not worth hatching.

Has anyone done something like this already?

As a possibly easier undertaking, what would people say are the ‘3-Star’ dragons in each tier?

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I didn’t mean the seasonal dragons, I meant the regular ones.

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Dragons are highly subjective, and people will love/hate them for different reasons, though many will generally say to go for the hunters. Some peoples’ viewpoints are also from years ago, so things have changed since then, and divines have impacted that too; mine’s been clouded too, as I’m a third of the way through garnets now. For where you’re at in the game, the spells page might be useful.

For the path to platinum, do you mean which golds to choose? It’s where hunters start to shine even more, if you haven’t already been using them from seasons or Ettin. Whalegnawer (3 star, 3 * breaks formatting, haha) was one of my favorite with Steal Essence (spell changes based on which tower was destroyed) and Cloak, not sure if you’ve already used that on Aster, but that made the game much more fun for me. From there, that leaves either breeding it at the same time as Consurgens (**) or Chthoteuthis (Edit: 1 if needed), which is cheaper. I never used Cons outside of just leveling it, but some people swore by it and preferred it over Whalegnawer due to Healing Mark.

If it’s for Platinum, Rizar (3 star) was the biggest game changer for me due to its combination of spells with Steal Essence, Cloak, and Galvanic Overload (projectile deals increased damage in damage + gives a spell to gain 1 rage segment in exchange for 10% health if the tower is destroyed). Kelvin (2.5) was the second noteworthy one for its spells and is useful for trading XP runs. Frozen Tomb is an area freeze that gives a shield, and it has Reverse Projectiles and Spell Flux (instantly destroys one tower in an order + deals area damage). The other two legendaries are warriors with Seething Spark, but I generally didn’t find these as useful, and I didn’t get Quetz (**) until I was already into Sapphires. Kaiju was a one star for me.

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I did actually.

Had a list somewhere but roughly it’s the following

Gold: Whale and Cons
Plat: Rizar, kelvin
Sapphire: Sekhem, Hauheset, chompa for xp bases
Garnet: Frostbiter, A&A
Emerald: Ferga, Deci, Stormheim
Obsidian: Rhyo, Mafic, Noctua

That’s my 3 stars dragons. Retrospectively I disliked all others in direct comparison

I remember that @mechengg strongly regretted not going Whale and Cons gold path because it makes it harder and longer to get “research” gold eggs for builders’ hut mainly. Your farms are important too…


From what I’ve read from a few people, the dragons they prefer usually change a little bit based upon flying preference and style. Some of that stems from skill.
@RedRaidingHood is a prolific flyer with Hunters so I believe her preferred path and dragons lean towards hunters. All the while, Red has given us beautiful paths with options that give the shortest and strongest teams. I think if you want to hit Obsidian quick, following a short breeding path is probably a good option. I reviewed a number of paths and have settled on the mix between a couple that I believe will work best for me.
I would also say your best bet is to find your flying preferences and see if you can find someone that you click with and then ask them.

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Thanks everyone for the considered responses, that’s really helpful.

Partly I’m thinking my play style is gonna have to change as I go further - it’s been easy to coast by in the early game with warriors, and divine ones at that. I need to get better with hunters, and I need to focus more on the non-divines - but I’m not in a position to tell the difference between a sucky dragon and my inability to fly it correctly. If there are hunters at my tier that most people regard as the definitive dragon for that level, I’ll know it’s one that’s worth investing my time in.

Sounds like I need to catch up with Ettin (he’s breedable, but still down on power) and aim for Whale. I also stumbled upon Red’s Check In while googling prior to my original post, which is a neat complement to the breeding guide. I’m not too far off the mark, but might be more restrained in the current fortification event and wait for my non-divines to catch up on a few levels.

I remember that as well, whale really was the key to getting gold eggs for your builders hut if you are falling behind. I don’t rememeber getting too many eggs when doing my other gold breeds so i literally switched from the cons/khrysos path to the whale/chthu path when i was probably 200+/250 on the pairs just so i could keep my builder hut upgraded for my level and build my max level towers.

One more huge benefit to going with any path with Whale and hatching/leveling him first

For me this means a dragon has to

  • be worthwhile = not easily overshadowed by the next higher tier
  • have a unique and strong spellset that doesn’t fully rely on the dragon’s strength

This may be a rather extreme point of view as you won’t find all dragon tiers represented, by my 3 star rating would go to the following dragons sorted by usage category:

PvP Lead:
Hauheset (Sapphire, Lineage)
Noctua (Obsidian, Lineage)
Necryx (up to Obsidian, Divine)

PvP Follow:
Frostbiter (Garnet Lineage)
Ferga (Emerald Lineage)
(Noctua too)
Morphos (up to Emerald, Divine)

XP Base/Invader:
Kelvin (Platinum, Lineage)
Jul (Garnet, Lineage)
A&A (Garnet, Lineage)

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How has no one mentioned Apophet!? I absolutely loved Apophet and still find him useful. Hauhaset was great of you are a skilled Hunter flier but a lot of people arent. (I am much better now :joy:) Hau is easy to make a mistake with and kill your whole run.

He’s very unforgiving, but my goodness can he fly circles around a base.


I have a question about builder hut and research eggs. For some reswan my builder hut states I have 3/4 plat eggs needed to upgrade but my research hut states I have 8 plat eggs. Does anyone know why there is a more than a 50% difference? I only have 1 drag that is plat that is incubating everyone else is done.

Pics of builder hut and plat research please?

I was looking at the wrong egg fragment but I do appreciate you trying to help :blush:

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