Revisiting "Tower Balance"

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Please help me to understand the situation as I may have missed something.

First, you have 55 towers and Obsidians. However, next you decide, wait 55 towers aren’t strong enough, the solution? Releaes 60 towers. Okay awesome, now that people have bought/hacked/cheated their way to 60s…whoops actually we have been selling defective goods the whole time. They actually work just fine, in fact they are even overpowered so let’s scale them back.

So, you sold something meant to fix a problem that in actuality did not exist and now you are scaling back the thing you just sold so that is essentially the same as where they should have started? Basically every level from 55-60 has no value because they should have just been 55?

Solution: Just refund everything from 55-60 and just add those 5 more levels to the next tier. I know it seems like you’re helping everyone out by looking at balance but doing it AFTER you pushed towers higher and are essentially nerfing them, calling it balance, you are going to still keep the revenue? Come on…

Edit: So…basically NOTHING has been done to address this…the solution was to increase storage to level 100 and add ANOTHER tower (which probably has astronomical cost but we shall see). This is a new low, even for you guys…and I’ve seen some shit.


Would love to see PG’s reply on it ! :grinning:

PG doesn’t reply, they avoid.

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Completely agree with you. PG could not make changes on the existing items, they would create something else to counteract an item. It is just unfair to make changes to the exsisting towers because people have invested a lot efforts, time and money to grow them!!!

PG won’t refund money
They won’t take back tower levels 55-60.
They may respond with a “we don’t have any plans for this, but I’ll bring it to the dev team to make sure your opinion is heard,” because it is Panda :laughing:
Good luck on this one

I don’t have details on this, but there have been very high level discussions on balancing that includes towers as one of the systems to be affected.


Omg just watched a team mate killing a full lv 56 mid island with flaks using Kinnarus :man_facepalming:t2:

Wtg PG

They have made garnet dragons the new average or norms while needing emerald for plat and obsidian for sapphire league and higher to survive. This can be good as defenders can drop dragons with their bases and more are defending in pvp events seeing the fun. But that may not be be what PG wanted and so rebalancing of towers. What I agree to is that people invested money and to scale down what we build is not a way to do things. Either there must be some forms of compensation or you scale up other things such as abilities of dragons or introducing new towers. If scaling down towers is the most efficient way then there must also be a reasonable compensation for those who suffered in the rebalancing because no consumer should be made liable for any errors or bugs resulted from PG.

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Not just level 55-60 towers all towers have been effected.
Its pushed my DF back Around 10 levels, well over 1M lumber, 100 days of timers and 10k shards were used to get them from there to where they were.
Now for higher levels this must be even more than I can think of. There should be some refunds this is an absolute joke, even worse than when the new UI was released a while back. The game is broken.

It is true that dragons are stronger now when the towers are weakened and with three defenders it is not so scary and maybe this helps when it comes to dealing with crazy defending teams in war but it also means there USB less chances of defending against attackers who just want to raid resources. Maybe this is the correct balance but I think affected consumers deserve a reasonable compensation.

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