Revival Rate in Atlas (NML) Switched to 2/3 Troops Used


Good Morning Dragon Lords!
As of a few weeks ago I’ve been hearing whispers of changes to the NML revival rate in hopes of getting more players to attack each other’s castles. I figured it was intevitable but when the update came out for 4.8 (whatever the latest one was) there was no mention of Any change to the Revival rate of troops lost in attacks in atlas.

That being said, I did notice I wasn’t able to revive as many troops on failed attacks or even 3 dragon trades with other people. I thought this was odd given my understanding that each troop was supposed to be worth 1.5 glory max and if you fail and attack or def you would get 100% revive or close to it, in order to reach the troops potential. Thus, I messaged support and after a few bot answers I got hold of what seemed like a real guy who told me this about the troop revival rates:

Now to me that reads as overall every attack should be getting only 2/3 revive even in non NML… I did a little testing in the NML part just to check that claim out and found that it was accurate. I did a 2 drag swap (4 flames) with 20k troops against 25k, lost 16 and only was able to revive ~10.5. That’s not bad but still supports the claim. So I did it again, this time 3 drag swap (3 flames) lost 20k troops to their 20k troops (silver sieger vs silver trapper) and only could revive ~13k. Damn, it’s sort of proving true; last one I outright failed an attack on a guy higher lvl than me (0 flames/minimum glory), lost 7.5k troops to about 500 of his. Funny thing is, I couldn’t revive them all and only got to get ~5k in revivable troops.

(I have yet to test this on castles as it is difficult in my current situation without pissing off a high level team)

I can understand why they were making the change to NML in order to promote more aggression in Atlas and change therein, however, why this was left for us to figure out instead of making it :whale: known So we could talk about is beyond me. That is the part I’m most upset about, in that I had to look all over forums and couldn’t find anything on, and having to learn it from support and my own testing. Instead, they just tried to squeeze it in so no one would notice, and hope we wouldn’t be even more upset than we already were at this screw up of an update.

Let me know your thoughts and if you’ve experienced the same thing. I am interested to see if it is the same for castles and or is my runs were just flukes!

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Well I just attacked with my Taunter in my castle and losted 48K troops and only able to revive 32,3k. So the unrecoverable amount was 15,7k.


Fits the 2/3! Did you win the attack in 1 drag or multiple?


Only 1


Nice! That’s a hell of a lot of troops, hopefully you killed a lot too!


I did maybe around 70k


Oh not bad, been a while since I’ve done a castle raid especially hitting the castle guards myself so was curious given you attacked with a def prime :grin:


Yes. :joy: Need Level up my Taunter. Btw how many glory is needed to finish one offensive set of gear ? I think is around 200k?


Just under 300k, at least last season.

(edit under, not over)


It went up a shit ton, haven’t even finished first page yet and I’m at 120k glory I think! Let me check

Edit: I think wrong, 90k for first page.


Attacks have always been 66.6% revive
Defensive losses approach 100% revive

They havent changed it … yet


Around ~330k


Even at 70% completed or even 0?

Edit: your stats are only the case in a 5 flame attack.


I think so


That’s only supposed to be for 5 flames is what my understanding was.



Hey I was just about to quote that!!! But yes meaning after 5 flames if you get less your revive rate should go up! Not stay at 66% even if you fail. Same with def you don’t always get 100% unless you get smacked every time.


Ya know maybe Mr. Mark only meant 5 flame attack. Ugh, I’ll test def primes now too


i have 343,698 glory earned so far and completed full destroyer buff and have 144,180 sigils towards next line. Just need one more hit to finish a line. all hits at 100% glory, all done with silver destroyer level 5. 320/320 attack/defence stats


Yeah I tried to suggest that something changed and got shot down. I would swear it is much more consistently at 2/3 revive now. I’m only at 150k glory so far but everything I’ve done seems to be 2/3. That didn’t used to be the case I’m fairly sure. I dunno, but it’s different now I think.