Revival Rate in Atlas (NML) Switched to 2/3 Troops Used


Yes I assumed that attacker can fly

(aka only for 5 flame attacks)

As for the numbers - use Mech’s glory calculator (he has the link here on forum - it shows revives as well which should allow you to check)


Was refering to it being 2/3 at flame numbers other than 5 flames


Yeah but use Mechs calc - and compare to what you are getting to see if it’s changed?


so once again for me…
you gain more glory per saison if u always attack (5 flame and sieger vs trapper/destroyer vs destroyer) than if u always defend?


If you loose without killing anything you get 100% revival (0% damage done on your attack), if you complete with 100% then you get 2/3. Same way when you defend, if the attacker kills your base 100% you get full revival, while if he looses the attack it differs on the percentage he completed. The graph mecheng made to match this explains this a lot clearer.


@mechengg I just checked your glory calculator… were you able to test that and/or adjust your calculator accordingly? I mean it wouldn´t be the first wrong answer we see from support but it wouldn´t be the first thing either PG changed without announcing.


I guess this applies only to attacks ? The constant 2/3 I mean. I tested on defense side and the 100% destruction by attacker gives me back 100% of my troops lost for revival, works the same for both Trapper and Sieger.


If attack on you fails, and the attacker destroys less than 10% of your base, 2/3 of your lost soldiers could be revived. Others are gone.

It’s always 66-100%, depending on result. The more successful attack/defence, the less soldiers could be revived. Glory vs % to be revived.


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