Revival rate questions

Hey guys, I need help
Can anyone tell me the revive rate for 3/4/5 flames/less than 70% for the following:

  1. Attacking/defending at own castle
  2. Attacking/defending at a neutral castle
  3. Attacking/defending at NML
    I get different answers from everyone and appreciate if anyone can help



Should be relatively current I think. The actual revive rate does not change except for the exception listed at the bottom for nml. What matters is the fort providing a bonus to your stats or not, which is what determines how many troops you lose, thus affecting how much will be put for revive.


As Zami posted, the revive rates are fixed wherever you are. AFAIK there is currently only one exception:

Bonus Revives for Weaker Defenders - LIVE NOW

Problem: Players permanently losing troops to much higher level players doesn’t feel great.

Solution: Increase the defender revive rate if the attacker’s glory is penalized due to a level differential (only applies if the defender is at a castle owned by their 5TA). If the attacker gets 0% glory, then the defender gets 100% revives. If the attacker gets 100% glory, then the defender gets the current revive rate. Linearly interpolate between these two cases.

Example: Let’s say I’m hitting a lower level player and my glory scaling due to player level is 70%. Let’s say the defender would normally get 60% revives. Instead, the defender will get (60% + (100% - 60%) * (100% - 70%)) = 72% revives. If my glory scaling due to player level was 10% (i.e., I’m way higher level than my target), then the defender in this example would get (60% + (100% - 60%) * (100% - 10%)) = 96% revives.

Edit: Now I’ve actually bothered to read what Zami posted… I never knew there was a reduced revive rate in NML. Is that true ???


That part is actually wrong info - I tested it recently


Yeah I really would have noticed it in aligane if that footnote was right…


Yep revive rates look same in nml, max perma lose is also 30%

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Lower glory scaling is not always due to attacking a much lower level. Very often you can attack a higher level with much lower atlas power ranking and have a glory scaling of 70%. Does this rule still applies?

reduced by -40% = raised by 40%


You’re not wrong :grin:

Fortunately it doesn’t seem to happen, in either direction.