Revive glitch/troop stealing by PG

Writing here now as support dont answer. Dont know how long that glitch is a thing but Pg stealing us troops way above the set revive %. Peeps reporting rates of 50%+ so i checked myself and can confirm it. Total troops where 49600, and only 2 runs where 5 flame. 1 was 4 and 1 3flame. But revives i got are 24200…do the math, Pg is stealing troops and god knows for how long allready…shame!


Wow, that’s ridiculous and yeah even if all 5f then max lost should have been less then 15k. Hope it’s resolved soon as would like to hunt some glory but not at that cost.


Im not only one reporting perma loses above 40% now, and no one knows for how long this is going allready… normally i just check hospital space before raids, most players will do this but not check every hit %


Oh god maybe there is a reason I have no troops thats less to do with being drained and more to do with double-whammy losses. :thinking:


As far as i know this should be still accurate %, and my screens clear show something is wrong.


You’re sure someone didn’t log in and revive without permission?

  1. Are revive rates still a lot lower for whoever gets defeated if the battle takes place in NML?
  2. Did these battles happen in NML?

Even if the answer to the second question is no, I’m curious about the answer to the first. The only thing I could find, from two years ago (so probably meaningless by now) is that the defeated primarch has a 40% lower revive rate in NML battles, so that 70% could go down as low as 30%

Revive rates are same for all battles, no matter if own castle, other castles or nml. And no i dont go to any nml, only do castles battles. They should reduce revives for the alligane warriors but thats a different topic :laughing:

Are you sure you didn´t heal anything after those battles? Your farmers are still refilling and given the revival rate, that must have happened less than an hour before taking the screenshot.

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Alright, I giggled :man_shrugging:t3::joy: @MrMonopoly1

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Given the fact Pg try tell me the marked battle on next screen was a 5flame on ticket and i trained 2.4k troops before it started, what do u think happend there?

They try tell me on ticket this run had 70% revives, im quit sure a 5flame looks different :laughing:

Per the Zen desk article this is correct still.

Sorry, this is incorrect. If you fail an attack in NML, revive rates are reduced by 40%.

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Wait, I thought you are whining of forums where no one can check what happened, because you don´t get replies from support? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Why are you going after me for asking a valid question? :thinking:

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I don’t think revive rates are as good in nml as on a castle. I could be wrong though, but I swear I remember something about revive rates are shit in nml


I don’t pay attention to revival rates normally so I have no clue what he’s talking about all I know is 1 flame gives you a terrible revive rate and 5 flames saves most of your troops 2 flames and 2 - 3 dragons increased the revive rate long ago with certain types of primes being nearly the same. So he’s technically getting a 20% decrease in revival rates. The kill counts look weird though…

Will do some testing tonight.

So were your fights 5,5,4,5 flame?

Expected revives at 0.9, 0.9, 0.8, 0.9


Total expected revives = 31,150

Actual Revives = 24,200

Variance = 6,950

Troops Lost = 37,300

Actual revive % = 69.4

Seems to be doing a flat 70%.(rounding)… weird

7,000 troops in one raiding session is brutal. Thats basically a full day of making fresh troops. I wonder if event matters ( like is this a hunt for glory bug )

Edit : tested in NML with a friend 2 dragons and I was getting the expected 80% revive.

We should do more testing to determine how and when the nerf occurs.


The 12200 one was a 3 flame. 2 5, one 3 and one was 4. Trapper level is 30.
Ps im not the attacker lol.

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I’ve actually noticed a huge amount of my perma loss troops as well lately. I haven’t fully calculated it out but something like this would explain it. I’ll try to do some runs tonight and and record number proof. I really hope this isn’t a thing PG accidentally messed up on with their hidden updates…


The fact that i even got told on ticket that runs which clear show it cant be 5flames are 5 flame by support is disgusting. They dont have any idea about what they are talking. The run where i lost 12200 troops was a 5 flame with 8540 reviveable troops by support…


Oops sorry :stuck_out_tongue:

But still it seems for you its just doing 70% revive regardless of actual outcome.

So it seems the attacker is getting the correct revives but defenders are getting 70% regardless of the actual outcome.