Revive glitch/troop stealing by PG

Do the math of 49k troops how many need go hospital. 24.2k aint 70%, its 50%

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In that case castles will be vacated at a fast rate :frowning:

Were support able to fix it / or at least escalate it?

That was not 5 flame it’s 3 flame as an attacker i can confirm that …

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I don’t think so all attacks seems 5flame except the one your marked …

Yes i was on this defense. But support on ticket told me it was a 5flame with 30% perma loses.
Im not interested in check now every battle honestly. This is a joke and steal players troops.

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Well technically they are PGs troops, we have no rights here :joy:


This is technically true lol.

Bet that $100 USD troop pack is looking like a bargain now :sweat_smile::rofl::sweat_smile:


:joy: my dad said the same exact thing, in my native language, and now i can’t stop laughing.

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Before hit at 137k revives

5 flame hit losing 10.9k

After revives at 147k - seems accurate at 90%

This was in nml, didn’t test on a castle but idk seems to be okay actually

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Just to point out, I believe the OP was the defender, and lost the encounters. That would make a difference.

It seems attacks are working fine, and the issue is actually only on defence where your revives will be 50%. ( when they should be minimum 70% )

This is brutal for teams who have been in major defensive battles. I perma-lost a ton of troops in the last month.


On a castle yes the defender is at most 70% revives, but in nml it drops to 60%

I’ll try to test defense then tonight

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Is it a flat 60% on nml?

Or does #flames impact it as well?

It would be handy to have a table with an NML column.

I believe OP was on their castle.

I only have the Data of castle revives, is there a link or table to nml ones? But anyway, the problem i posted is not related to nml as it was castle. I left the castle and attacker part out my screen or peeps would say callout :see_no_evil:

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Two days ago this article mentioned revives being 40% lower for the defeated player in NML.

It no longer says that, notice the “updated 1 day ago.” I kind of assume this old article was out-of-date and incorrect, but it would explain the low revive rate if it hadn’t been… :man_shrugging:

I cant find the 40% part? But still, my hits had nothing to do with nml.
Still would like to see the revive rates for nml.

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Sorry, I wanted to find it earlier, but the round rolled-over and I got distracted. I got in the WayBack Machine and found it, scroll to the bottom of this page. Training and Reviving Troops – War Dragons

I think the bit about 40% was taken off two days ago. Does that mean that it changed two days ago, a long time ago and the page was inaccurate, or it never changed and now the page is inaccurate? I couldn’t say. But there is the thing I was mentioning.

Sorry I got that 40% number wrong

I read this post a long time ago and got the failed 40% attack mixed up with -40% revives

The reply from Zami