Revive rate depending on troop-loss-ratio

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we had several balancing changes regarding glory calculation in the last few months. With all these changes, one issue somehow remains “out of control”: let’s call it the Sieger-dilemma. What the hell is that? I often check no-man-land for yummy prey … and often I witness some very unequal fights, e.g. golden destroyer kills low-level bronze trapper. The peak of these fights is the Sieger-dilemma: Sieger kills Sieger: Most powerful attack-prim kills weakest def-prim. Yes, of course, the attacker is a fool and he/she/it does not get any valuable reward… BUT, the defender is at a triple disadvantage:

  1. he/she/it lost a high value of troops
  2. normally only a 70% revive rate (due to 5 flames) what means a really high value of really dead troops! (due to point 1)
  3. no glory for that bullying at all! (due to low troop loss of the attacker)

Change of the Troop-Loss-Ratio (TLR) again is quite effortful/expensive. By the way, it seems quite good and fair now.

So… my thoughts about a balancing change regarding this Sieger-Dilemma: what about the revive rate? Wouldn’t it possible and clever to add a new dependency to the revice-calculation: the TLR? Right now, the revive-rate is as follows:


But perhaps it could be like this:


Just to avoid confusion: TLR (troop-loss-ratio) calculated as follows:

TLR = Attack-value * X_FLAMES / Defence-value
X_FLAMES = 2 (5 Flames)
X_FLAMES = 1.5 (4 Flames)
X_FLAMES = 1 (3 Flames)

I am looking forward to a discussion on that.
So far, take care, Fib

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Why is the sieger there in the first place?

its for attacking so if its out on a castle or nml you should be online.

sitting in nml with it most likely a glory swap gone wrong

on a castle sniping well you know the risk. Sitting on your castle there to utilize its high attack to quit at 70.

i hardly use my sieger but not because of troop loss but because folk quit at 70 and have decent results. never even consider troop deaths as thats what i grow them for.

not to mention troop deaths is good for elite buying

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It’s somewhat equal, if both base level are similarly close.
The defender can still get good amount of glory / revive rate this way.

Different case when the destroyer is hitting down (a few tower level -worth)

This update will discourage castle battle btw.

The defender can only get good glory, if it’s a gold sieger attacked by a low-level bronze sieger… of course this is not the combination I am referring to :wink:
However… it’s only an example… the point is the ratio: the higher the more “unequal” the fight.

I still dont get why its there in the first place loaded. It has a high att and a low def and a debuff its not meant to sit about like you suggest i dont think

it doesnt matter where it sits… same at a castle. to discuss how it would work during a defence: if a defender attacks an agressor at its’ own castle.

but it does matter.

No use complaining if your not using it as it was intended. its not a defensive prim should not sit loaded when your not online doing things with it.

i have problems hitting maxed destroyers and taunters with my trapper should we adjust that because im using it wrongly.

Take a golden destroyer attacking a bronze trapper instead… it’s the same difference, but ratio is not extraordinary high…

why you should attack a sieger with a sieger? Its pointless - doesn’t matter if the defending sieger is sitting at a castle or in NML. As mentioned… active defending is another point, that should be excluded somehow.

its worse if a trapper attacks a trapper?

i just dont get the issue

i see the problem but thats the nature of the prim

no - the other way is much more better, because the attack value is doubled. Use a golden trapper as an attack-prim to get good glory: attack value 360 (5 flames) … that fits perfectly to many prims :wink:

No worries

not sure i understand.

out of a sieger and a trapper one is far easier than the other to level and does just fine but can be a sitting duck if too many troops loaded for one flight. Its not really a prim to snipe more than once with on a castle unless you can take all the trappers bases.

The other sits and traps on a castle and only has high def stat.

anyway good luck with your endevour

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