Reviving cost raised up or bullhorns revive less troops now?

today i realised i could revive 12k troops with 8000 hats + 5 bullhorns but it was 8000hats+4 bullhorns yesterday…anyone has seen something like that too??? i tried to find out what is the issue and i figured out i could revive 7700k troops with 167 hats+4 bullhorns

Bullhorns have a set value

1 bullhorn = 400 hats if building
1 bullhorn = 1600 hats if reviving (or 2k, I forgot)

If you have 8000 hats, and want to revive 9600, you use 1 bullhorn.
If you have 8000 hats, and want to revive 9700, you use 2 bullhorns, and will have 1500 hats left unused.

It looks like the amount of hats replaced by bullhorn is decreased after some point. 8k hats (max without elite) allows to revive 4k. Each 2k requires 1 bullhorn.
With elite, using 24k hats, you can revive 12k at once. The same 12k without hats requires 6 bullhorns. However, when I did massive revive, it was 6 at first for the whole 12k without hats, but at some point it becomes 7 bullhorns. Some hats were remaining, but still. And if you decrease amount of revived troops to something like 11.5k (don’t remember the exact number), it was 6.

2k revives cost 1 bullhorn, that said if you revive alot of troops within a short timespan, the cost of bullhorns increase. Maybe this is what happened? As my standard costs has not changed.

4000 hats actually, and it doesn’t matter whether you’re building or reviving. You’re mixing up hats and troops.

But like others have said it hasn’t changed, but the cost does go up if you build more. How quickly it goes up is bases on how many hours of hats you replaced, so if you don’t have elite the cost rise happens quite early, with elite it takes a ton of bullhorns to get there.

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so that is how it is…I ve never heard of that that is why i thought costs raised up. I tried another batch of 12k revive and it was 8000 hats+4 bullhorns that being said nurses for troops were too busy so they used another tool to make it quick?? :slightly_smiling_face: anyway, thanks for clarifying

A “ton”. 18 horns without elite, 44 with elite.

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Just placing this here because PGEggToken addressed this topic recently.

It’s not close to 3 days of hats before horn value decreases. It’s about 25 hours. @PGEggToken is way off.

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Clarification on precise measures (even if just confirming your numbers, Henfon) would be really valuable here.

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