Reward long term players

Happy Birthday - surprising that loyal players are not rewarded. What’s your thought on long term players. I know I only have been around for 4 years and a bit.
What should a reward be?


A four year advantage of resources built up over new players?

I guess some X years played portraits would be nice achievements to have though.


Great idea ,
How bout some season sigils ,
And that number goes every year up …
For example 1 year member 5 k sigils ,
2 year member.6 k sigils
3 year 7 k ect ect


I’m with @Morreion the time spent in the game means you have a lot more stuff than newer players unless they’ve been dropping $$$. I meant an appreciation award would be nice but also nothing that increases the gap to new players.

Portraits, base skins - Yes
Sigils, timers, tokens - No


Yes to portraits! :kissing_smiling_eyes:


(◍•ᴗ•◍):heart: Guess I’ll stay to collect the portrait


Base skins would be my preference


Personal Anniversary portrait or a badge thingy like we get here on forum would be nice :beers:

But hey I’m f2p so if anyone gonna give me free rss or sigils I ain’t gonna say no to that either :rofl:


Wouldnt be a friend of rewards like rss, but portraits/base skins would be a great idea. Maybe one day that could be implemented and we all can officially confirm how much time we spent here :smiley:

A lvl 120 ballista would be nice for 5th year award, hoping for a max level treb on 6th


Lol nice one

I will like to have some old portraits I have been playing for 9 months and have become lvl 210 but havent got any cool portrait and I am Sad I only have like a minimum to chose from

See if I had some old ones I’ll use them but at the moment I use this one because it’s the best one I have :pensive:

36 portraits, most with multiple variants, seems like a pretty solid “minimum” to me really…


I think anniversary portraits would be pretty cool. Ress not so much. There is already an advantage being a high level player. No point in making the discrepancies even bigger

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Meh a lot of them are free ones none of them sute me I like the soledance season ones lol really like them all but I started lvl 60 so too low to get anything

Free rehab for gaming addiction.


I don’t really care for portraits unless their girlish portraits not entirely girly just imma destroy you portraits :joy:

Long term players have years of experience, memories of times spent with friends, awesome limited time dragons, and powerful level 500+ bases

That’s your reward :smile:

Like Morreion said, NO!

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