Reward team mates for backing in PVP events

This is just a thought to help balance energy events for those who don’t mind a grind.

Right now when you are out of energy packs and energy you are essentially out of the event. You can back teammates but you cannot progress any further.

So my idea is to award backers 10-20% of the total points earned during an attack. These bonus points should only apply to personal points for balancing reasons and should be scaled to a single 4 energy attack regardless of the original attack. The last thing we want is another reason to only use mega attacks. I’m kinda on the fence about inner fires.

That way those who spend still earn more points as they can do normal attacks but Those who can’t spend/don’t spend can still make some progress, albeit at a reduced rate.

Just my thoughts. Let me know what you guys think. Let me know if you spot any potential issues with this and if you can think of any solutions.

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So I can take turns following my mini and basically get unlimited energy?

See, already found a way to abuse it. Points earn energy packs, chests etc, gives you more energy, which gives more points.

I think followers should get any chests that drop for the attacker, regardless of level. Otherwise, what’s the point in helping a level X in the event when you are level XXX, other than helping them learn and being a good teammate? (Which is why you SHOULD follow teammates already)

Oh I fully agree that backing teammates should be based on it being the right thing for the team.

I just think that pvp events become a null factor when you are out of energy/ packs with regard to your own personal progression and it would be nice if we could find a way to give people willing to grind a way to move forward.

This may not be the idea that solves it but it was an idea.

Is there a threshold for you that would make this reasonable? If it’s sent to 10% of an attack’s reward it is going to take substantial amounts of time to make any dent. Or would you say that’s still too High or abusable

I’d like to get the drops for following teammates. Otherwise there is no incentive to higher levels helping lower levels, other than being a good teammate.

Those timers, chests, and gasp spells do come in handy. Oh yeah, healing potions too.

Energy, :man_shrugging:


Fair enough. Good to have a higher levels perspective.

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Don’t take my word for how higher levels feel, I’m just a small fish in a huge pond…

Any feedback is good feedback in my book. I appreciate the response

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I don’t think 10-20% is unreasonable. I’m not sure I see @Jonesy ‘s objection or how he’d get unlimited energy; you’re constrained by 10% of the points accrued by the teammate you’re following. Could coordinated teammates use this to get 10% more points per event than they otherwise would, or higher if they’re a lunatic who backs teammates’ attacks for most of the day? Sure, but it’s not clear to me that this would be a bad dynamic.

It’s not that bad even in the really egregious situations I can think of. Say there’s one level 200+ is hanging out in a low gold league team, and he has 20-30 alts. (I saw this happen once, it was pretty weird!) That guy could put in 30x the effort as a normal player, to get 3x the rewards, which . . . doesn’t seem clearly wrong?

Supposing they did go for this. I think that in order for you to get a percentage of the points, you’d need to be able to do a certain amount of damage in order to recieve those points. Just showing up to watch a PVE run and doing absolutely nothing for free points shouldn’t be allowed imo.

Since PVE is so easy once you hit higher levels, I say that you should have to kill a larger percentage of the base to get points. You shoould aslo get points for backing PVP runs too, but maybe have a lower percentage of contributed destruction needed in order to gain those extra points for joining a team mate’s run.


Good call. I’d probably want the bonus to require that both the primary attacker and the backer hit some threshold amounts of base damage, so that it reflects a nice bonus for real teamwork and not just free stuff for free riders who don’t actually fight / low-level energybots who swap out immediately.

e: Of course, that’s gameable by leaving all farms and mills and having a ridealong finish with a death gazer. Maybe this idea is hard to implement in a way that solves the free rider problem.

Try not to spend your rubies and golden chests in breeding and fortification event.

Do you think it’s particularly gameable if they earn the points even if they just turn up and the teammate solos it? They have still been locked in to that activity and have to come along for the ride and if it’s set at 10-20% it’s not massive.

People still get chests for just watching as well so it would follow there. Or do you think that’s not suitable?

I think this is a good idea, it’s a bit weird that you now get nothing for helping team mates out by backing their runs. 10 or 20% won’t really change much result wise but it still feels like a reward for effort.

You might be right, for a sufficiently small bonus percentage. 10% might be sufficiently small; after all, it can only increase the total point payout by twice the individual bonus. Maybe some players in gold teams would get a lot more points by following around every single member of their team, but I’m not clear that that’s a horrible thing. No one highly ranked is going to exploit this bonus to sextuple their score by backing all 49 teammates, because anyone that hardcore is going to be on a team with other people who also want those points, and there are only two backer slots.

New objection: It could incentivize some harmful behavior whereby players join attacks to get points, aren’t prepared to actually assist, and prevent an actually-useful backer from coming along. This already happens during resource events, or sometimes just for chests.

I think that problem is for teams to handle internally and doesn’t really have anything to do with proposed mechanic itself.

I do like the general idea, coupled with a damage threshold needed for the backer this could be a nice small reward :slight_smile:

To prevent the ability to exploit it and getting points for no energy used, how about this:

When I follow my teammate and use a dragon with Inner Fire to help, the IF could be added to his run but I also get 100 points for using the IF multiplied by the island difficulty, defender level and the win/loss multiplier.


Very beneficial for both backers and lead. But I only see abuse. Sorry for being negative.


What about double chest drop rate instead of additional points?

Being honest I think any of the above suggestions would work. As long as it, in some way, allows grinders and non spenders to do something to progress personally in the event to a limited degree then I’m all for it.

I personally prefer being able to earn points directly in some way rather than grabbing chests for a chance of sigils or energy but that’s just me.

Hmm, is that so ? I always thought this is a team game, where acting selfish doesn’t help much in the long run. I am a somewhat higher level and I know that my team is as strong as our weakest players, so I help everyone to become stronger. And every team mate in my team does the same, everyone helping everyone, no matter the level.