Rewards for helping teammates and getting war MVP

I think there should be a reward for assisting teammates and getting MVP in wars. Currently, you only get a 10th of the lead attacker’s medals for the attack regardless of if you help or not, and all you get for war MVP is bragging rights.

I have 3 suggestions to help encourage players to assist teammates and get MVP in war. We could implement all of them together or just some of them. Please post your own ideas and/or comment on mine. :slightly_smiling_face:

  1. Have players get more medals if they join AND attack.
  2. Give them avatars as rewards for assisting in attacks, sending resources, and for getting war MVP.
    How To Win When Assisting Attacks: Assist X number of attacks (Possibly also add that they have to attack). Have another avatar prize after they assist (and attack) in even more attacks.
    How To Win When Sending Resources: Send X number of resource transfers (note that it’s not how many resources but rather how many transfers, so higher levels don’t get them easier). Have another avatar prize after the send even more transfers.
    How To Win When Getting War MVP: After Getting MVP X number of times. Then have another avatar prize for getting MVP even more times. (I heard Amobea’s website used to have this on their website.)
    Avatar Prize Ideas: They could be like the old achievement avatars with all of them different, progressive like the event avatars, or implement the idea mentioned in the thread below about custom avatars where you get to choose a hair style from a group of hair styles for the first reward followed by armor for the second reward etc. (idea is in the comments section)
  3. Give the war MVP treasure chests.

This idea was inspired by the posts below and it’s comments.


This is a great idea

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More medals? Well from my perspective I don’t care about that so much unless you need extra to declare a war, then it’s just the guys who are on that grind for that purpose. Otherwise :woman_shrugging:t2:

Win assisting attacks… fair enough I guess. I don’t get why one needs a reward for teamwork though.

Sending rss (to exclude big accounts so they don’t clean up) - sorry that’s just silly… so I just sent 1 little piece of lumber 3 times every 20 mins? That helps no one and they get rewarded for it? roflmao. Too open for abuse.

MVP - not a fan. Simple because it take a lot a factors to win a high level war not just one player. That also favours only the players who can be on at war start. Due to Timezone difference not everyone can be. That means it is a reward based on Timezone alone.

That I won’t support.

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Great idea, I think rewarding MVP would be an incentive and drive members to help.

Put emphasis on defense tho, don’t care about banner jumping attacks for flames.

Medals are also helpful for recruiters (I know some people’s weekly medals have a glitch. I’m one of those people. It can help recruiters see who is active or just has a glitch. If they ever fix this glitch, then it would be really helpful.)

I think it’s nice to reward the people who are always helping others with XP runs, war attacks, etc. They should get recognized for their hard work. Also, some people do need an incentive to help others.

For the sending resource one, let’s edit it to say:

Sending your max amount amount of food a certain number of times.

That can help the loophole of sending a bunch of 1 wood transfers. Using food instead of wood will prob be more helpful too because people tend to always have extra wood (unless it’s fort event), and they could send their max wood all the time without actually helping anyone. Also, the number of times shouldn’t be so easy that spamming would be realist.

Wars seem to be a good bit different in higher leagues. I would think that with everyone always attacking and defending at the start of wars, that you should actually do all of your wave attacks at some random time instead of at the start of wars. If people did that, then other time zones could get MVP. :woman_shrugging:t3:

Another option for war rewards could be always getting in the top 5 of (insert one of the things you get ranked on). Then there could be a different avatar for each of those areas too? They could choose which areas to give avatars for (like exclude flames won because of people who always join as the third wheel).

If we are talking low level stuff. As in ‘Well done you!, you backed up a team mate! Here is 1x 3hr timer!’


At the higher level I can guarantee you war is usually over by the time I can get online due to time zone. With the exception, on occasion of sitting there all night, watching for defence banners. I don’t get my xp runs done. Nothing. Sometimes there isn’t a war defence to even get into since the other team doesn’t bother. Since they can see we are on and waiting. How do you measure that commitment? Why does the person who is lucky enough to be on at war time get singled out on a team for a reward? War is a team effort. No one player achieves that win without the contribution of the others on the team. Flat out against that. Unless its low level.

Another words. Woohoo you! You did your war attack! Here’s a 3hr timer!


I’m not keen on this since the MVP spot tends to be dominated by a few players in my experience and a lot of it is based on luck and size

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Ok, rewarding MVPs seems to only be helpful for lower leagues. So we can throw out the idea.

So you’re against someone getting an avatar if they have helped attack while backing up a teammate hundreds of times or more? “You’ve backed a teammate 5,000 times, here’s a timer” is the best prize you think they should get?

Please also consider the fact that we are in need of more non-event or purchased avatars. There is an active thread about it, and people seem to want access to more avatars (I think that’s why people keep wanting access to old event avatars).

I remember people being proud of winning one of the achievement avatars, and people are proud of their event avatars (which is why they don’t want other to be able to win them after the event is over). Why not give them an avatar for helping others? If you are the type who likes to say, “do you want a cookie?” when someone does something, then you can suggest that the avatar be a giant cookie lol.

What about giving an avatar to people who help teammates?

Here is a better idea for getting players involved in wars! We should have it based on individual accomplishments in wars and not compare them to teammates like MVP does (which can be unfair). For example, after you have killed X number of dragons in wars, you get a prize. At first the prizes would be small, like timers, grandually get better, like rubies, and once they get to a high number, they get an avatar.

You all can discuss which ones you think might be a good measurement of being helpful in war. Keep in mind that this would be to try to get players more invloved in wars, so it would be geared more towards lower levels just like the other achievement avatars. Although we could try to stretch it out, so it will take longer to get than most of the other achievement avatars. I just don’t want to make it so only those in the correct time zones, who spend money, are higher level, etc. are the only ones who can get it.

How many Avatars do you really need? As you can see, i dont change mine lol

Maybe it’s not about collecting more for a particular person, but opening up the diversity of portraits seen in game. I know I’m probably not going to change mine :laughing:

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you need a new team if the only way they will help during wars is a chance to get free stuff for being MVP.

A first step would be getting all the data used not just the top highlights.

Like in events, teammates contributions. For each thing measured. A tab there for the next day.

If once thatexisted, team leaders had a war chest of small items they could allocate as prizes to the measure they want to encourage, or a few, it would be a useful addition.

“Drive” was the word not “get” :joy: incentives get members to stay owns help more than if they didn’t get a reward. Think about event, team and personal reward.

if they add these “rewards” in it will likely work like this:

Do “x” to unlock “y”
yay I have unlocked “y”
Before you may claim “y” you must purchase “z” in order to obtain the claiming rights for “y”
Now that you have purchased “z” you must purchase “a”, “b”, and “c” to equip “y”

Enjoy playing you have now completed said task, would you like to aim for the next achievement? If so please repeat the steps above but double value pack amount:)


This ^ :joy:

The point she is making is that you shouldn’t need a “reward” to help teammates. It’s an integral part of the game

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