Rewards for wars should be increased?

Its only been a few months since i started playing and ive noticed ,Wars are more common in Gold league ,than in platinum league these days. I think they are nonexistent in sapphire and above. Maybe if there was an increase in rewards a team gets from wars other than a few egg tokens ,it would change ?

More teams would want to war ? maybe even help prevent sandbagging ?
What are your thoughts ?
I mean its a war game.
Wars are more intense and short ,brings about a team together than the long tiring and torturous grind in pvp events


Yes and no. People don’t war because they’re busy with atlas which is much more rewarding, because war affects league and teams don’t want it, because getting 50 people to do a good war attack can be hard, and because defending war attacks is important but also tedious.

But no, the rewards are not good. I don’t know how much reward it would require to make it worthwhile. For me it would be a lot.
Why do you want more wars?


Being in platinum leagues, the only time the team was so active and working together was during a war, organising waves, planning defense timings , redoing flames ,balancing out attempts. Wars were the most fun ive had in the game.
Maybe because we arent as busy as sapphire when it comes to atlas.
But yes just like how atlas is rewarding, wars should be more rewarding too ?
Defending good bases should also be rewarded more in this game than successful attacks in wars ?

Pvp events are more of players grinding for sigils than fighting for a team on the whole, except maybe gauntlet pvp islands which is short and intense.
Atlas pvps are never ending battles between allainces than teams.

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I would like it if we had the option to get something else aside from ranking; moving up leagues isn’t rewarding when staying in a higher sub-leagues require more effort for the same prizes or marginal prizes.

Maybe if atlas teams could win “team glory” where all participants of the winning team got glory they could dump in a seasonal line? Wars make sense for P4 fighting to stay in P4 just because last place in P4 is the same as 1st place in any Gold league.

It would be great if they updated the daily egg tokens per league since these have been the same since Vanguard was end-game but I’m worried it would exacerbate the difference of more established players and newer players trying to catch up :disappointed:
It could incentivize bigger players to move up a league since that means more effortless egg tokens for their breeding needs.


Henfon hit upon the key issues.

Wars don’t just suffer from poor rewards, they suffer from being utterly tedious and miserable experiences, if they’re between competitive teams. They’re not just battles, they’re 24-hour nightmares of staring at screens watching for banners…in exchange for, at best, a handful of tokens and some ranking points that most teams don’t particularly want in the first place.

After all, most teams usually move to where they want to be in the rankings, and stay around there until they feel comfortable changing leagues.

To make wars attractive to most players in the current design, you’d have to increase the rewards by orders of magnitude, and/or reduce the stress, tedium, and general unpleasantness of them by orders of magnitude.

The former can be done, but won’t be, because there’s no way PG will allow people to get that kind of resources on-demand. Especially since there’d be the potential for teams to trade wars to farm resources that way.

And the latter…realistically can’t be done, because it would require a significant reworking of how wars are designed, and PG is not in a position to dedicate the kind of time and effort it would take to do that, let alone do it right.


Wait WD is a war game? Damn someone should tell PG this!


And yep there’s actually a difference between a strategy game and a war game! :scream:
But let’s not get carried away lol


They should rename it to Glory Dragons , cause war aint a thing these days :frowning:


Well war should be more rewarding i think.
1 prize i would like is 1000 hammers


I enjoyed war for the first 18 months I played. Then I got over it.

Player’s focus changes the longer they play imo. Wars are very important to the early stages of the game. They were invaluable for creating cohesiveness, the team experience and the highs and lows are not replaced by Atlas play imo, at least not in its current state.

Atlas is without end, a war has a start and finish and measurable success rating. It makes sense to me that new players would react well to having a measuring stick, for themselves and for their team.

I’m glad PG is spending some time trying to figure out the new player experience. I put some effort into it but even so there are times I feel out of touch. Gating mechanisms are important, as long as you understand the pinch points, so yes I think wars play an important roll in early development. The question is do you let the community continue to manage the roll wars play in game or do they need to step in and actually create a gating mechanic to move past them. Wars certainly aren’t functioning in the higher leagues as they were originally intended to do.


Yes, obviously.