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I picked up this game to play War Dragons - aka “fly stuff around and blow stuff up”. I did not start playing Box Opening - aka “the huge amount of time players spend opening stuff they already bought or earned”. This is quite literally one of the stupidest game mechanics to have ever been thought up.

I spend more time opening stuff than I do playing the game. Today was 11 minutes doing attacks in Atlas, which then took 37 minutes to open the chests for the “rewards” I already earned. Not very “rewarding”. Go have the developers pull stats, the simple act of thousands of players sending server requests to open 10 boxes and doing so dozens or hundreds of times actually creates the server load responsible for the constant sync errors and open errors.

People spend money when they
A. Run out of stuff
B. Get caught up in competition - aka actually playing the game
C. When they see something shiny that helps them with B

Not one single person spends money for the privilege of having to sit and do drudgery.

  1. Give us an open all
  2. In Atlas just rescale the reward lines to x glory to claim
  3. For chests dropped while flying a base, don’t. Just show the reward itself instead of the chest. The game already does this with other items.

The more time people can spend actually playing the game, the higher the probability of them spending. If it’s just an endless series of chores, why would I spend? Time is the most precious resource you have. I have x minutes per day I’m willing to play your game. Do you spend that time forcing me to do chores or do you spend that time having me play the game. Playing the game is the only thing that gives PG the opportunity to sell me something.


that all sounds great! except not this part bc sometimes chests need to be saved


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I don’t know the mechanic, but something has to improve here. Between bronze, gold and Atlas chests, is a lot of wasted time that we could use to actually fly dragons and burn stuff

I hear you.
Glory should just be directly spendable on prizes.
Shouldn’t have to open boxes.

Regular chests however…are very vital to the game and how it’s played.
I wouldn’t mind seeing less chest availability but greater contents to reduce the qty that needs to be opened for the same end result.
Open 100 or All would be nice


You kidding me? Of course people like opening chests, heck, they might like that shit more than the actual game 0-0

You can’t tell me nearly every major gaming company has introduced a loot box mechanic because people don’t like loot boxes. People literally make hour-long videos opening boxes up. Like if you could spend half of Christmas opening presents I don’t think anyone would complain about that :V

Breeding though, please PG give us a speed-up button


No thanks on this. I don’t want to lose the ability to save chests for certain events or seasons. Also, seeing the timer drops on the monuments, the other content dropping from them would almost certainly be scaled down to uselessness.

As for an open all button, it’s a great idea in theory. In terms of me trusting PG’s servers to handle all that loot without sync errors though? Not great.

Glory directly applying to atlas seasonal lines over badge chests is an amazing idea. Highly doubt it will happen since PG is likely hoping you get a low curve of the average and spend something to get more glory to make up for that, but a great idea nonetheless.


This is true. We still need a better way to open, but a lot of people really dig things like chests. It’s just so slow, and the options arent a good match for the numbers of chests we need to open in a season.


I’d like an open “N” option, ability to choose, like number of troops to build. If I have a 1000 chests, maybe I only want to open 100, or 500 in a given event.

Just wanted to say lots of interesting suggestions in here. Thanks for the feedback.


Yeh definitely the atlas chests could be converted straight to glory and sigils without chests or even a ‘open 100’ option which would also be great for bronze chests

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Because of the bonus chest it might be more easily managed if there was an open 30 and an open 90, the first would pop one bonus chest, the second would pop 3 bonus chests… should be screen room to show those …

The issue is drawing each individual chest result I’d think. Maybe a summary tab would work…


I’d be willing to give up the bonus chest if they gave me an open all button. The bonus is not worth the tedium


It seems like with Atlas, either directly going from glory->badges or an open-all button would be fine.

For that matter, I think they could probably skip the display entirely for the open-all option - players who wanted to see every chest’s contents could open 1 or 10 at a time, and players who wanted to open thousands could just get a result for “Opened X chests, received Y badges.”

Unlike with chests in the main game, there’s no real advantage to opening them at one time over another - except perhaps for how likely the server is to lag and give the player problems.

So there’s no real benefit from keeping them as chests, except perhaps for a sense of accomplishment. After all, I would guess that people feel better earning X chests than Y glory or Z badges, maybe just because the main game makes chests and their contents feel more tangible.

Either way, though, a simplifying option would be greatly appreciated. Even in a small battle, earning a few hundred chests, it can be a pain to open them all.


I am one of those people lol


Y’all are forgetting that atlas badge chests get converted to regular atlas chests if you max the season. While the badge chests may be annoying to open, the regular chests have a lot of valuable atlas items like bull horns, shards, and rider stones. So keep the chests the way they are. I like what someone else already suggested about being able to type in how many chests you want to open…


But I’m guessing even then, badge chests are just too boring. With only 4 drops, all more or less the same, every chest opening is identical.

I get why opening golds, or even silvers and bronzes can be fun. But badge chests just have to go, just give us 100 badges wherever you’d get a badge chest.

I really like and want this. Please PG!

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I think is no longer the case. You have a recurring prize (mythic line prize 56) that is for claiming chests


Yeh true… I’ve never had that problem :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: so didn’t think about that. Having the ability to open lots at a time would be the best way then I guess
Edit: as tulkas said it just then becomes a claimable chest prize repeatedly tho