Rewards when leaving team during event

Apologies if this has been asked, but I’ve searched the forums but not getting any specific answers.

A teammate left the team during the pvp event. He then joins a new team.

Form my understanding, he gets the new team’s awards. Is this correct?
Does he get his personal point awards if he hasn’t claimed them and rejoins the old team?

He can only get the personal rewards he earned… but he will get team rewards

He will get the end of event reward from the new team as long as he is still with them. He will not get a chest and he cannot get more personal rewards since he cannot continue to participate in the event.

Thanks, but I just realized that there are three kinds of team rewards now - the team rank prize and the team achievement prizes and the annoying team quest prizes. I think the last two are fairly straightforward - you know whether you will get them or not just by checking the tab.

I’m a little confused when you he can get the end of the event reward but not the “chest.” I thought the end of the event reward came as a chest…could you clarify this? Thanks!

He means the team quest chest.


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