Rework War Defense Points


Would you please consider reworking war defense points to be applied when the defenders actually make an impact? Such as number of dragons shot down, or actual successful (less than 70%) defense. As it stands defenders can join and quit immediately and still get defense points. Very frustrating Discuss everything relating to Wars here!

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This has been discussed ad-nauseam. A quick search will reveal any number of similar threads.

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Sorry to say my 20-30 minute search did not reveal a recent discussion, and I think it bares reconsideration still. Please don’t be snarky these forums are enormous and I couldn’t find a single post from this year

  1. Giving a defense point when a dragon dies would just be avoided by people swapping dragons
  2. Giving a defense point when a player gets less than 70% may be avoided by forcing a game connection issue crash
  3. Giving points when dragon dies would immediately give teams with one massive player (for the league) an immediate win

That a summary of these points. It doesn’t matter if the discussion has happened this year. What matters of the discussion happened post this war system, which includes literally the entire forum. Try reading some of those old posts.

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Here are a few threads worth reading about this issue. Nothing has really changed since these threads were created, so there is no reason to have this thread open. Enjoy the reading. (There were more threads but I didn’t feel like doing the reading for you. The first thread below sums it up quite nicely and the link to the second thread has a screenshot from the old forums as to why things are the way they are.)

Now, if you had an idea on how to rework wars as a WHOLE into something completely different. That’s a different conversation. If that was your intent, then feel free to reach out to the mods to re-open this thread. But simply reworking defense points without doing anything else has been talked about before with the conclusion that the current system is best because it minimizes the opportunities to game the system and manipulate the outcome to favor the attacker over the defender.

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