Rhizar question

Anybody know why Rhizar only goes to level 30 , whereas all the other plat legendaries go to level 35
(with the exception of lochsvur (sp?))

If I remember right, it was due to a balance factor back when Plat was the top tier. I can go look through my records really quick.

I was wondering about this too, I saw on amoebas web site. So Kelvin maxed will have more AP than Rizar maxed right?

Balance issue / a training event needed something added to the top players to do.

Have some respect…it’s Rizar. It’s probably because the rest sucked compared to him😂


Lol that is true. A 5m AP rizar can 90+% the 299 xp base pretty easily

It wasn’t a balance issue at all. In fact the last 5 levels of warriors and sorcs were added simply to give the heavy spenders something to do for a feeding and xp event a long time ago.

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