Rider and dragon?

Hello I’m new to atlas and trying to figure out what is the best dragon to crom on. My perch is one upgrade away from harbinger just need pearls. My other question is what rider to get the most power out of my hildr it is level 45.

On your perch you’ll want a mythic warrior, so in your case that would be Mafic Girasol.

The most important boost for your base, however, is gear. I would consider crafting and then leveling a set of ice elite gear. By the time you’ve put some levels on that, you’ll have your harbinger perch and you can put Destar on it.

As for Hildr, my advice is to replace it with a better dragon as soon as possible, it’s never going to be a strong dragon. Other than that, gear is the most important thing, any modern rider will do fine on pretty much any dragon. But I wouldn’t waste shards getting gear for Hildr, instead get it for a stronger dragon.


Did you mean Girasol?


:man_facepalming: yeah brain fart there, thanks Orca. One of the useless ones anyway…


No I won’t recommend you go for girasol, simply because hildr and girasol share the same element (wind). This will drain up your wind elemental shard very quickly.
Mythic warriors are the best for perch. Depending on how you are progressing, you will need to evaluate Which element is the best for your perch dragons, eg. Stormheim and Gig will get you set to abyssal with dark gears, mehaten and oni with fire gears, girasol with wind, MegLok and archon with earth, destar and UVS with ice. Etc2

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Girasol is wind and hildr is earth.


Sorry my bad :hugs:

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