Rider and primes upgrade

I feel like rider and prime upgrade is very difficult to do when you are at higher or veterans players. PG need to come up with Atl event in between this events. Some players unable to participate due max out their primes or riders.


so agreed.

-the reason i save riders from atlas seasons. but then one each season is just not enough. :disappointed:

lmao like i sat my trapper with 41k troops for over a hour 1 dang hit and was roughly defended and they failed at 19%

Can’t see you. Sure you’re not just hiding somewhere?

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OP is assuming after pm’s are all maxed out -and riders.

not sure how i should read ur intention behind ur reply. :thinking:


im there i am hitting instead with my trap lol :rofl:

This must be the reason why mid 500 lvls are attacking me at aligane which I am lvl 244… this has happened a few times and I have screen shots and msg shots of conversations asking why such a high lvl player would hit me when it wouldn’t benefit them at all… it wasn’t a taunter at aligane so it doesn’t make sense why I get continually hit by big guys until reading this post… I’m sure at my lvl and there lvl the % wouldn’t give them any incentive to attack someone so low… I thought they were just being a bully but now I see that they are bored bullies…
pg should fix there request and they should also have a no attack available on anything giving less than 35% or anything 200 lvls below them.
I’m a little guy grinding away and don’t need to be wiped out by a bored bully of all troops for bugger all glory… it’s not fair

um atlas a free world! u do that many will take advantage and if a different team wants to take your castle they couldnt due to it and it depends on there team they can get decent glory

Exclude castles and keep it in places like aligane and other nml… simple

its a risk you take going in to red zone regardless of level its not bullying its just them being assholes there is no such thing as bullying

I sat like this for a hour in red yesterday and day before till I said screw it!! its my last prim to level!!!

hate that black square of a missing portrait.

pg really needs to pay more for their server.

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Ok so that’s worse lol if there being assholes lol…
yes it’s a risk but it’s a risk they can manage and change to make a more fair playing field in places like aligane… again exclude castles @Wardragons @pg cmon guys can we get some thoughts or feedback on our post from you guys.
Is there talk of a fix for myself or the bigger players at least?

there is nothing going to happen what was going to happened already happened