Rider Armor Check-In

What is your best suit of armor for a rider? I am curious to see what everyone has both from the in game armor and atlas armor. Does anyone have a suit of max lvl armor?

Ooh those shards for epic upgrades… Painful…


Legendary and elite upgrades are even better. :grin: this next crafting event, one piece will go up two levels and another one will go up one level. It will be really nice when it is done. Should be about +77% AP and +50% HP when the suit is done.

It’s such a pain to lvl up,but it worth it


What lvl is your fomhar and what is its boosted AP? That is an awesome set of armor!!!

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Mine is soooooo weak. :joy::joy::joy:

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Must ignore almost all other types of poachers to lvl up it🙈

You’ll be there :hugs:

My fomhar should go to lvl 26 next week. As long as I can level up 21 levels this fort. That should bring a nice AP boost.

Anyway,I’d say-go for shield next
Lvl up only legendary items and keep crashing others,till you’ll get legendary
Formar needs health,so shield will be helpful

I am getting the second piece of atlas season armor next week. That will add about +9% HP. After that, yes, trying to craft a legendary shield is what I have been working on. Made about 30 so far. But none legendary yet.

I meant… Don’t upgrade ur epics… :joy: Not worth it

I upgraded the epics before I knew how the armor crafting worked. :joy:

To be fair, I have some epics that I’ve leveled up. But I did it at a point in time when scrolls were extremely hard to get and we’re the limiting factor and not shards.

But I do regret it now.

My Fom is a little behind sadly :disappointed:






Lol,love this rider :joy_cat: