Rider armor glitch

Hello about a week ago due to one of many glitches of this game i have lost an epic set of rider armor going setting back my rider from lv5000+ to lv2500 and my dragon losing 25% of power. I’ve exchanged tons of messages with the support team, hear how sorry they were and asking for patience etc. My armor was not returned to date. Pocketglitch do something about it. It is only fair if you return either the original armor i lost or send me a new set of epic armor (dark) or send me enough gems or materials so that i can reforge it.

Just post your support ticket number and ask for someone to look at it at PG…

Just writing what happened will not help them solve anything on forums.

Also support in game has nothing to do with PG :smiley: Third party

Hi coach. I’ve raised tickets to support, described the entire case and series of events that led to the glitch and itemized what I’ve lost and send screenshots i have. I’ll i got was a bunch of emails how truly sorry they were and how they are working on a fix. Nothing about giving back my armor nothing about any other form of solution to offset what I’ve lost. I am frustrated with that sort of support and thats why im raising it here.

If a PG employee responds here they’ll ask for your ticket number. We know that because things like this happen often…

Ticket no 1275556. Endless back and forth, no concrete help provided. My dragon rider remains stripped of his armor.

Oh well… looks like no help. Do you guys think its reasonable to expect PG to return to me what disappeared from the game? Can the external support actually do it or are their hands tied? Who do i write to? It’s unacceptable for this to happen and to get nothing to compensate. What if i wake up one day and am 50lv lower and without 1 tier of dragons bacause of another glitch? Will i just get apology emails from support and thats it???

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Bilet aldık…bekliyoruz geri dönen de yok … sorunları başka nerde konusabiliriz :thinking: tamam oyun çok güzel grafikler güzel avatarlar …yama dan sonra hep sorun …

Did u ask them to escalate your ticket?? Also try tagging arelyna or maybe Jared to be sure they’re aware of the thread

Yes asked them to escalate. No response for a day. I’ll reforge the armor sooner than get any help on this. Thanks to #PocketGlitch and their support.

Thanks PG for crediting back my items. Took a while but i got it back that’s what counts.

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