Rider buffs - lets clear it all up

Ok I’ve heard lots of differing opinions/facts/??? regarding the scope of a defensive rider’s effectiveness. Can we clear up for once and for all the following questions:

  1. Do building attack and HP buffs for a rider affect the entire base? Or just the few islands guarded by the perch the rider is positioned on?

  2. If the aforementioned buffs do affect the entire base, do they stack with multiple defensive riders?

  3. Do construction and research buffs stack as well? Do construction buffs apply to the entire base? Or only the islands protected by the perch?

  1. Affects only the 2 or 3 islands that belong to the perch.
  2. n/a
  3. No, if you have more than one perched rider, only the highest value will be active, but that’s applied for the whole base. (thanks, @SaintCheeky)

Here’s an inactive boost

The reason why


Also the construction bonus works on your whole base not just the one perch area


Except for Stonespear perch which only affects island 7 & 8.


corrected, thank you.

Also… does food production/lumber production/food capacity/lumber capacity buff apply to WHOLE base or just farms/mills on the islands covered by perch?

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If you check the screenshots, you can see it’s also greyed out on Tanok, suggesting that Bella’s one is applied. Meaning: production boosts are for the entire base.

i see. thank you.


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